Friday, September 08, 2006

Your Best Chippy?

(Note to Yanks and Canucks: A chippy is the UK word for “fish and chip shop.”)

If you want a decent order of fish and chips in Vancouver, your choices are limited. This is a city of tofu-eating, granola-munching health nuts.

The chippies here tend to over-batter the fish. And it’s greasy to boot.

If you’re in Vancouver and crave fish ‘n’ chips, you’d be wise to make a trek out to Steveston, BC.

Steveston is a seaside town with a few good fish and chips shops. One of the best is Dave’s Fish and Chips at 3460 Moncton Street.

Dave's Fish & Chips

So tell me. If I visited your town, whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, where would I find the best chippy?

And what accompaniments do you use? For me it’s a squeeze of lemon on the fish. And plenty of salt and malt vinegar on the chips. Oh, I almost forgot. State your choice of beverage to go with it.


  1. yipeeee 1st again !!!
    there is a lovely fish and chip restaurant in Whitby which is a seaside town with quite a history to it

    a cup of tea is a must with fish and chips and bread and butter

  2. Lincoln UK - Bagholme Chippy.

    Spalding UK - Sheddy Turner's
    (if it's still there...)

    lots of S&V, and a real Coke.

  3. My mum used to have a chip shop. The fish were so big and delicious she lost money. You had to drink Tizer.
    Oh and no lemon ever finds its way into a British chippy - far too posh and healthy!

  4. Midget Arse: First again? You’re on a roll, aren’t you?

    Bread and butter with your fish and chips? Would you like an extra helping of cholesterol with that?

    And tea with fish and chips? Really? Brits.

    Minion called you tinybum. Ha.

    Minion: Thanks for you suggestions.
    *makes notes in case I’m ever in Lincoln or Spalding*

    Kaz: I fear drinking Tizer lest it perform a lobotomy on me like the guy on the can.

  5. Article here:

    I have eaten at the chippy that was voted "Best Fish and Chip Shop in the UK (1990)". It's in Bournemouth, a seaside town otherwise known for it's organised crime and endless rows of small hotels catering to the ever-healthy market of businessmen spending weekends with their secretaries. Which, amazingly, is what I was doing there. Bet you didn't know I could do typing and shorthand.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you what the shop was called, because the name was covered with a banner announcing the award.

  6. Sorry, can't think of a one here in Philly.

    Heck, Geo is still looking for a decent cheesesteak shop here in Philly, the friggin birth place of the cheesesteak.

  7. Kapitano: I’m impressed by your secretarial skills. :) And thanks for the link.

    Everyone: Here’s the clickable link to the article Kapitano mentioned about the UK’s 10 best fish and chips shops. Enjoy National Chip Week.

    Maidink: Ask Geo to post about it when he finds the perfect cheesesteak.

  8. Oh, you definitely need to have bread and butter and a cup of tea with fish and chips. It's all in theory anyway as I can't drink tea and if I eat fish and chips more than once every ten years I'm likely to increase to morbidly obese proportions.

    Got your postcard at last! Thanks! Don't know if I'll be able to look the postman in the eye again though, what with your mention of visits to brothels.

  9. Betty: Thanks for confirming about the carb overload of bread and butter with your fish and chips. Astounding. I shouldn't be surprised though as England is home to the chip butty, isn't it?

    Don't fret about the postman. It's not your eyes he'll be looking at from now on anyway.

  10. Fish has got to be rock: no bones apart from the big one in the middle...

    Which is what our postman might be saying in future.

  11. Geoff: Make no bones about it. From now on your mail will arrive in rain and in snow, in sleet and in hail... your postman will be there.

  12. Frozen fish, fresh from the sea - served in discarded newspaper from the old folks home with lashings of brandy and a spoonful of sugar!


    The best chippy around us is the one on the corner of Dodworth Road and Summer Lane.

    Fucking dee-lish it is.

    I like my fish coated in a lovely crispy (almost bubbly) beer batter, with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkling of parsley and served with a side portion of chunky and crispy chips (thats 'fries' for those dozy yanks) and a dollop of mushy peas.

    Top it off with freshly ground sea-salt and it's enough to make one Cute Wee Me very content.

    To follow I'd glug a few bottles of Grolsch lager, or - if i don't feel up to drinking so soon after eating - a nice bottle of Shiraz later on in the evening.


  13. Piggy: Finally! Someone who enjoys a lager with their fish and chips.

    And for the thicko Yanks, here’s a description of mushy peas.

  14. The Marlborough in Weymouth (where I am from origianlly). It has a little cafe on the side and sells all the usuals like mushy pees and curry sauce.

    Kapitano: It's called "Chez Fred" and it's my close second. They cook with walnut oil apparently and it's great when I work next door, great for the quality of food but not the carbs.

  15. Well, you would probably like Captain D's. They serve the traditional english battered fish with the malt vinegar and all that stuff. Really good fresh out of the grease and it isnt greasy.

    Personally, I, like most southerners, tend to go for cornmeal fish. Instead of a wet batter just coat that fish with cornmeal and fry it with hotsauce.

    And you gotta have the sweet iced tea.

  16. the best place around for some really good fried catfish has got to be either Pap's Place or Spud's, both of which are about 30 minutes away from here. the best thing to go with catfish is some good ice cold sweet tea. it's the best.

  17. Hardhouse: Thanks for finding the name of the chippy... Chez Fred. Sure enough, their Lunchtime Special includes TEA.

    Awaiting and Pink: Sweet iced tea with fish and chips?

    *Shakes heads at both the Brits AND the Yanks*

  18. mj - you have to remember, awaiting and i live in the south. it's way different than anywhere else in the world. most people here grew up drinking sweet tea. restaurants typically don't ask for sweet or unsweet, hot or cold. they assume you want cold, sweet, iced, tea.

  19. Pink: The south is different? You're telling me! If I ask for tea, they bring me iced tea, not a pot of hot tea.

    In fact they look at me like I'm crazy if I ask for vinegar with my chips (french fries) ANYWHERE in the U.S. And if they do dig up a bottle of vinegar from somewhere, I don't know what it is but it's a poor imitation of malt vinegar. I have literally travelled to the States with wee packets of vinegar in my handbag.

  20. yipeeeee yes im on a roll haa haa

    i like minion's nickname for me awwww how sweet sound's better than midgetarse!!!!

  21. Midget Arse: Who named you Midget Arse in the first place? Was it Tazzy and Piggy?

  22. Oh, well, well, well.

    Ridicule the potato now will you??

    Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmm?

    The best chips are made from the God of Potatoes.

    Comber Spuds — grown in Comber, Northern Ireland, these 'new' potatoes are picked in April.

    Thus speaketh El SID


  23. Oh and favourite chip shops?

    Chippy Joes near moi.

  24. SID: Your EarthAngels' only toy is Mr. Potato Head.

    Potato-worshipping plonker.

  25. I wish I knew. People in Nashville don't really do fish and chips. I could get you some pretty good bar-b-que though.

    A squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt would be delish. And as for a beverage, why a bottle of wine of course! A bottle of wine goes with everything even Cheerios. Glug, glug.

  26. mj - people in the states look at you weirdly for reasons other than your affection for vinegar.

  27. Being landlocked landlubbers here in Central Canada, and not a great lover of fish, I struggle to come up with anything but Red Lobster (although I know there to be many good places here).

    We are home to Lake Winnipeg, the ninth largest freshwater lake in the world.

    And it produces a delicacy called Winnipeg Goldeye, along with favourites such as pickerel and perch, lovely fish to eat with a bit of lemon, salt and pepper (and a cold, cold beer, I'd prefer).

    The Precambrian Shield that lashes its way across our land produces gorgeous lakes that teem with more pickerel, perch, bass...and our northern lakes are home to Arctic Grayling, another fave of many outside our borders.

    But the most lovely fish I ever ate was one I pulled out of the Grand Banks off Newfoundland myself with a fellow named Paddy O'Dea and his son...a 15-pound cod from among the hundreds of others trapped in his net that day maybe 25 years ago.

    He asked me to pick out whatever fish I wanted. I did, he immediately killed it, filleted it, fired up a gas stove right on the dorey and pan-fried it for us in butter and lemon and we had some old Newfie Screech to go with it.


  28. I used to love the Windjammer in Vancouver before it closed down. I don't know what I would have eated during my pregnancies without that awesome place.

    I might not have gotten such a fat ass though.

  29. Pru: No fish and chips in Nashville?
    *cancels flight*

    Pink: Cheeky cunt.

    WW: I spit on your Red Lobster.

    Perch? Pickerel? NOW you're talkin'!

    D.Prince: I used to live in the Windjammer neighbourhood. It closed? *makes note to get out more*

  30. The one on Oak (quite awhile ago I think)
    The inside of the restaurant looked like a ship.

  31. D.Prince: I thought you were talking about a place on Main Street.

  32. Harbord Fish and Chips on Harbord.

  33. Jacqueline: Ah, Harbord Street.
    *suddenly homesick*