Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Papa's Red Hat

Has the Pope joined the Red Hat Society?


  1. They're coming here, whoever these Red Hat people are:

    "London New Years Day Parade 2007
    RHS in partnership with the Scarlett Flooscies of Corryton, TN"

  2. Well, it does look more fetching then that 10 gallon one he normally sports.

  3. Billy: We'll know something's up if it coincides with a papal visit.

    Maidink: The mitre isn't the most fashionable of headgear, is it?

  4. I used to own a hat like that!
    There was a gunbelt with little pearl handled revolvers that went with it.

  5. I heard that most catholic priests were brownhatters, but I have no idea what it means.

  6. FN: I'll bet you wear Daisy Dukes too.

    Vicus: I don't know anything about brownhatter priests but how about a vicar in a tutu? Or better yet, Vicus in a tutu!

    Awaiting: He must be pushing Piggy's age.

  7. A vicar in a tutu? Sounds strange. But if he wants to live his life that way ...

  8. I would have thought the Pope would have had a big neon hat saying "your all going to hell except me and SIDs family"

    But then again...

    No, I like his hat.

    Is it like Oddjobs, where he takes it off and throws it at poofs?

    Hope so.

  9. SID: Shouldn't you be in bed by now? It's going on 3 in the morning in Oirland.

  10. To be sure it's 3 am,to be sure.

    Just can't sleep due to havy alcohol intake.To be sure aye lass.

    Was hoping you could tuck me in??

    Whaddya say MJ? Could ya?

  11. SID: *tiptoes into the room*
    Hears lyrical Oirish snoring. "Havy" alcohol indeed. Fecking Oirish drunkard. Typical.

    SID, I won't tuck you in. Everyone knows it's YOU who's the tucker.

  12. well, if he'd worn his purple dress that day we'd know for sure!

  13. Oh, and can we talk about those suitcases under his eyes? I'm worried he's not been getting a well-balanced diet. ew