Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Dig Through My Bookmarks

I’ve had a dig through my hundreds of bookmarks and randomly selected a few links for you.

You may have seen these sites elsewhere on the Internet as they’ve been collecting dust in my folders for some time.

Nonetheless, I hope you find something here for your amusement. Enjoy.

Farting Doughboy (turn on your speakers)

Barbie From Hell

Let’s spice it up a bit now, shall we?

Cocksucker’s Mirror (NSFW)


  1. mj - why do you have these bookmarked is a very good question. what's the answer?

    yay! first again. i think minion's getting a little slow.

  2. MJ, what are you like in Real Life babe. Every time I come here I'm kinda wondering what the hell is coming up next.
    Broaden my mind why don't ya babe.
    (Supremes 1968)
    That mirror - would you use that!

  3. what kind of narcissist do you have to be to want to watch yourself making the pillsbury doughboy fart? ew.

    although i find myself strangely intrigued.....

  4. That's what I really want to see during sex. Not barbie, but my own nose zooming backwards and forwards, like I was repeatedly headbutting myself.

  5. I knew that Ken would end up payin' for it...

    According to Wikipedia
    for a REAL LIVE woman to have Barbie's body, she would be

    7 feet, 2 inches in height;
    weigh 115-130 pounds;
    have 30 to 36 inch hips;
    an 18 to 23 inch waist;
    and a 38 to 48 inch bust

    so she's basically Brigitte Nielsen.

  6. don't forget H.E. ..this woman would also be devoid of nipples and a vag