Friday, September 22, 2006

Fantasy Snogs

A recent Brit poll asked which celebrities both men and women would most like to snog.

The verdict? Jessica Alba has the most kissable lips.

Jessica Alba. Oops! One moment please…

This end up

Other fantasy snogs include Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Kelly Brook and Wayne Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin.

Women most want to snog Robbie Williams but Brad Pitt, Prince Harry (huh?), Daniel Craig, and footballer Frank Lampard also made the top 5.

Robbie Williams

Over to you now. Which celebrity is on your list for most kissable lips?


  1. Yay, I'm first!

    Erm, the question... I'll have a think.

    Coleen McLoughlin though? Ew!

  2. yipeeee 2nd

    deffo Robbie for me sighhhhhhh wot a hunk

  3. colin farrell - oooh wee is that man hot! *fans herself*

    heath ledger - again, too hot!

  4. Billy: Funnily enough, the article in the paper says "urgh" after they mention her name.

    Midget Arse: I knew you'd be all over Robbie like a rash.

    Pink: *offers high-power turbo fan*

    Kaz: va-VOOM!

  5. 1) Johnny Depp - he wouldn't even have to brush his teeth.

    2) Jake Gyllenhaal - I think I like him better with some facial hair.

    3) Angelina Jolie - just to see what all the fuss is about.

  6. the problem with celebrities is that you know ALL TO WELL where they've been. which is why i would have nominated Brad Pitt, then decided no...see, theres that whole Angelina 'I tongue kiss my brother' Jolie thing happening already.
    although id pay cash money to see him kiss tom selleck.

  7. Male: James Marsden. I'd snog him as quick as you can say Cyclops.

    Female: Stacy Keibler. I'd need a ladder to get to her lips though thanks to those gorgeous mile high legs she sports. Hey, I'm not bitchin'! I may be afraid of heights, but, for a chance to snog her, fear be damned!!!

  8. Angelina for moi.

    Had the hots for Felicity Kendal during puberty.

    Ah the Good Life!

  9. oooh, tom welling (who wouldn't want superman), david boreanaz (gotta love Angel), viggo mortensen (aragorn from lord of the rings), john cena, shawn michaels (both wrestlers), justin timberlake (his body is smoking), noah wyle (ER), travis fimmel (tarzan and calvin klein model).

    i'd love to snog any of the above.

  10. Leslie Ash.

    If you google her name you get to

    Totally unfair.

  11. WW: Like shite to a blanket, eh?

    Pru: Johnny doesn't even have to bathe let alone brush his teeth.

    FN: How much is it worth to ya?

    Maidink: That puts me in mind of a quote from Woody Allen...
    "The good thing about being bisexual is that it doubles your chance of a date on a Saturday night."

    SID: And here I thought you only had eyes for me. :(

    Pink: I can see you're not fussy.

    Geoff: Trout pout!

  12. $1.35

    oo, wait...who was that yummy bastard who played 'Spike' that vampire on Buffy? now THATS what I'm talking about!!!!

  13. I'd have to say Jonathon Rhys Meyers

  14. ya...i guess i would be one of those blokes voting for Jessica Alba, but i'd drop her for a moment with Rosario Dawson

  15. Pink ~ Oooo, John Cena! Yummy.

  16. Snogging. Let's see... Colin Farrell, Connor Trinneer, Aaron Eckhart, Lee Ryan and Chris Packham from the Really Wild Show - he has great lips. Yum!

  17. maidink - he has a movie coming out called the marine!

    mj - i just have a thing for men who play the good guy (and sometimes bad). just like your weird affection for piggy and tazzy.

  18. Did you see Cena give Edge the FU to Edge from the top of the ladder??? Awesome!!!

  19. Everyone: I've a feeling I may have to set up another Totty of the Week request line. You're all insatiable.

    IDV: Apologies for never finding pics of Colin Trinneer in his shorts during the Totty marathon earlier this year. I hope you'll forgive me.

  20. pamer - i did see cena do that. i think he's talented. did you see him when he gave the big show the FU? now that was power!

  21. Adam Levine everything about him is kissable

  22. Hmmmmm, I still like The Rock and my latest is Howie Mandel. I'm off of Brad Pitt, mind you,if the opportunity was there I probably wouldn't pass it up.

  23. OK MJ, I grudgingly forgive you. They seem to be hard to come by... And his name's Connor, not Colin!

    * tut *

  24. Monica Bellucci and Greta Scaachi..or anybody who looks exactly like them...

  25. Mick Jagger's lips are...impressive. There's some smackers you can really explore.

  26. *looks around*

    *grabs megaphone and sets on loud with reverb*



    *hopes MJ doesn't hit her with lacrosse stick*

  27. I would say the guys in Supernatural!

  28. Matt Damon

    Jake Shears possibly - only cos I'd stand a chance