Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Your Little Baby Going to Go Gay?

Here’s an early warning sign . . .

Still not sure? Read these handy homo prevention tips for concerned parents with suspect toddlers.


  1. yipeeee 1st ,wake up up lazy lot!!

    just glad i never had sons haa haa

  2. Good God woman, that thing could take his eye out, and leave him feeling inadequate about the size of his genitalia for decades.

  3. "if your son pesters you to serve corn on the cob, hot dogs or sausages, that is your signal to change his diet."

    Hahahaha... priceless.

  4. a boy should never prance around...

    well, that just proves that fred astaire was gay.

  5. obviously does not consider this a 'fun jug' in any way.

  6. LOL!
    No brainer.
    What a hoot..hey don't let 'within' see this he will think its real!...
    Nice pic...perfect for playing with...a little cropping to eliminate the 'gay' kid or add your favorite fella like within with his big goofy smile ..either way, thank you for keeping us abreast of the latent, I mean latest tits, I mean tips, geez, on child rearing...
    it was uplifting, nourishing, well rounded, and firm..but fair.

  7. 'Suspect toddler'...killing me over here. Although my lil boy has a habit of distinguishing friends as being boy and girls whenever he speaks of them and calls any little boy, his boyfriend. Whatcha expect from a three year old who doesn't know the true use of boyfriend/girlfriend!

  8. Midget Arse: Yay! You beat Minion. Where is he? The link to his blog doesn't work.

    Vicus: He's going to be obsessed with size no matter what.

    Steve: And bananas and cucumbers.

    Nice tutu, Steve.

    Pink: He was a Prancer and you're a Vixen.

    FN: Let's see how many times this week we can work the words "fun jugs" into the conversation.

    HE: I don't think we should remind WW about the Landover Baptist "real or not real" incident. He'll thwack our arses.

    Awaiting: Definitely suspect. He sounds like a fun little fella.

  9. I wouldn't mind it if I had a gay son. I'd march in all the parades with him and let him do my hair.

  10. "Soccer is not a sport for civilized people and often results in alarmingly long, uncut penises escaping from very alluring satin shorts."

    Now. Where can I sign up for this game called soccer?

    WV was wqvqm which puts me in mind of something rude but I'm not sure what. Quim, perhaps?

  11. That should be a pair of tits.

    I see Piggy and Tazzy have no suggestions?

  12. "a rotten twig in the family tree" - must remember that one!

  13. Pru: You can borrow Awaiting's wee fella if he continues to have "boyfriends."

    IDV: Ahhh, the allure of soccer. I watch the matches, waiting for an errant appendage.

    SID: I'm sure Tazzy and Piggy are otherwise occupied with "Talk Like A Pirate Day."

    Frobi: Your twig may be rotten but I've heard your fruit is delicious.

  14. Ya wander away for a few minutes and your name is taken in vain and you're reduced to a boob.

    I fully confess to my lack of cultural awareness and my innocent naivete in some areas.

    HE makes fun of my misunderstandings at every turn, the cad.

    But I sure knows some things. And I know I wouldn't be making that kinda face confronted with that type of breast staring me in the kisser (doh! sorry, MJ, fun bag).

  15. WW: Ya wander away for a few minutes and you're reduced to a FUN BAG.