Saturday, September 16, 2006

SOM-thing Else

Note: Not safe for work.

Fellas, when you need a helping hand, try the Men’s Som from Japan.

There’s one for the ladies too.


  1. Yayyyy! I'm first!

    MJ, do you ever sleep?

    Just askin'?

  2. Awaiting: Yes, sometime between then and now.

  3. hmm, buy a plastic hand?
    what the fuck for? i've got two...
    if one arm gets tired, change over...
    or, get a friend to help.
    or, smear some jam, and call the dog over...
    maybe warm up a pot-noodle...

    or if i'm really desperate, i can shag my partner.

  4. Minion: I should have consulted you first. Pot-noodles?

  5. 1. ew.
    2. imagine trying either one on a really shiny floor.

  6. There are so many possibilities. An automatic mouth shagging device, and battery powered rimming machine, a special 'double penetration' analomatic thing with indendantly shafting dildos.

    Do you think the name "ShagMaster Deluxe" has already been copyrighted?

  7. FN: Or an ice rink.

    Kapitano: You've spent a lot of time pondering this, haven't you? Looks like you've got the go-ahead for the Shagmaster Deluxe patent as the only Google results lead to somebody's MySpace name and another mention of SD on a Norwegian site.

  8. Wank You very much.
    They could have put some Lee Press On Nails (French Manicure grrrr)on that contraption to atleast make it look like a 'Ladies' hand!

  9. HE: *wonders how you know the brand name of these nails*