Friday, September 29, 2006

TICKERS: Steelworker by Day. Pantykin by Night?

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Our Tickers seems to be quite well-informed on the subject of straight men wearing women’s knickers.

Tickers recently posted that 36 per cent of men enjoy wearing women’s panties.

Tickers is a member of that most manly profession, steelworkers. Yet one wonders. Does he belong by night to the Pantykin community?

Above: Tickers in his youth. Twas a slippery slope from wearing short shorts to wearing Manties.

So fellas. Tell us about your first time wearing ladies knickers. We’re listening.

And ladies? How do you feel about your bloke wearing lacy undergarments?


  1. and by the way,. tick, is one sexy mother...panties or not.

    so there!

  2. mj, I'm up for discussing most things but i'm not sure I can go here - mind you it was a long long time ago.
    There, see if you get any more frank answers than that.

  3. Awaiting - See. Told you so!

    That Tom looks the sort, doesn't he? Shimmering green, with a splash of lemon, methinks.

    Dirty fucking perv.

  4. If it's OK for David Beckham to spice up his life.....

    How did he manage to wear Victoria's thong. Is that a talent that can only be achieved by someone versed in the art of 'bending' his balls?

  5. i've already done that post.

    personally, i go commando. i like the wind whistling through my willows.

  6. I've completed a follow up post.

  7. I think when guys wear their loved ones underwear, it's a bit like when a girl wears her mans dirty shirt to sleep in.

  8. Panties, boxers, whatever. I don't care what kind of underwear a guy wears as long as it's clean. Nothing is worse than skidmarks.

  9. Twice, that I recall. Lotsa chuckles.

    The women, naturally, wanted a good see the mask of masculinity stripped away, replaced by the femininity.

    Whatever floated their boats...all in good fun.

  10. Awaiting: Tick is a bit of alright, isn't he?

    Tom: Piggy said it look the sort...dirty fucking perv.

    Piggy: Agrees with Piggy, for once.

    FN: Commando? In this weather? You'll catch a chill.

    Tickers: " I think when guys wear their loved ones underwear, it's a bit like when a girl wears her mans dirty shirt to sleep in."

    That's lovely Tick. *wipes tear from eye*

    Pru: You won't get any argument from me.

    WW: Thank you for your honesty. (I know there loads more of you out there who've done it)

    And your sense of humour must score bit points in the nudge nudge wink wink department, I'd imagine.

  11. Hey, MJ, I figure we was mostly talkin' about panties alone. Women seem to have this thing about their men wearin' their bras, too.

    And then there's the full spontaneous exchange, right? The full exchange of sexuality?

    Then it all comes off and the giggles last until after the escapades are all done with...

    Nudge nudge wink wink is right.

  12. WW: Say no more, say no more, know what I mean?