Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Knit a Princess Leia Hat

Are you a knitter and a Star Wars fan? Knit a Princess Leia hat.


  1. first again! whooooo hoooooo! eat my panties minion!

    and who in their right mind would wear this?

  2. 2nd haa haa
    i hate knitting .....cant knit wont knit

  3. If I still exsisted I would have loved to have eaten your panties, and what ever was in long as you hadn't let them to taz or piggy to borrow.



    Solitary bough on sole trunk,
    Fibrous stem from fleshy fruit to branch.
    No leaves for shade,
    Ripen swift in noon day sun,
    Twisting, turning, dangle crop.


    cya all another way :)

  4. This is a piece of shit.

    Why not knot your own hair up instead of buying that fake ass knotted shit. Friggin, retards they are.

    Oh, can you tell, I'm not in the best of moods.

    Dang those dishes in the sink. I hate manual labor.

  5. Pink: Why offer them to Minion when there are thousands of men in Japan who would pay good money for those?

    Midget Arse: You forgot to say "grrr"

    Minion: I was just about to send the hounds out to find you! Why can't we access your blog? Well thank you for bringing your poetry to us since we're locked out and can't come to you.

    Awaiting: *offers Awaiting a nice cuppa*

  6. Is that YOU, MJ? Finally modelling your own knitwear? At last revealing who you really are?

    Warts and goofy hat and all?

  7. Maidink: But you need a change of headwear. All we ever see is that orange cap.

    WW: Obviously this is not me. No 97 year old looks this well-preserved.

    Pru: Will you model it for us when it's done?

  8. the side of her heat looks like the back of my dog. i would so get this for a tiny baby, though.

  9. ...head.
    head, head head.

    (you'd think that'd lure out p&t...)

  10. FN: The only reason I would have a baby is to dress it up in ridiculous clothing. This is why people like me shouldn't reproduce.

  11. MJ: HE has asked me to pass on this comment:

    "It looks like two giant dog turds under your lady toque."

    Don't shoot the messenger.

  12. WW: I TOLD you IT'S NOT ME! And how do I know it's not really YOU relaying this message? I'm not stepping between you two practical jokers.

  13. Gawd, I worry about our civilization.