Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Plural Clothing

Clothing that can be worn by two people at once.

Caution: Wear at the risk of alienating everyone you know and making your single friends sick.



The Hug Jacket.


  1. yay! first.

    i bet piggy already bought one for him and tazzy.

  2. grrrrr 2nd

    two sweaty hands in one glove yuk

  3. This is a piece of shit...for piece of shit 'dreamers' who live in a fantasy world. Just wait til the financial burden of bills and kids kick them in the ass....let's see if they want to share mittens then.

    The pathetic bastards.

  4. LOL the "Couch Dress" made me spit coffee all over my desk

  5. How dare Awaiting call me a piece of shit dreamer.

    Speaking as one of a couple each with one prosthetic hand, the Smitten has been a godsend to us.

    And we can punch the fucking shit out of anyone who takes the piss.

  6. Pink: Piggy and Tazzy are joined already. They don't need any fancy extras.

    Midget Arse: Ick. I never thought of it that way.

    Awaiting: Who pissed in YOUR cornflakes this morning?

    Pamer: Clean that mess up right now. And why are you reading trash like my blog at work?

    Maidink: Send your extra cash to me instead. I'll find a way to wisely invest it.

    Geoff: I can see that you're smitten with Smittens.
    *backs away slowly*

  7. the hug jacket: now your conjoined twins can enjoy themselves in ALL kinds of weather!

  8. FN: I knew there had to be a market for this somewhere!