Saturday, September 09, 2006


Maidink and I, in the interest of foreign relations, have declared a truce. Not only here but on Maidink's blog as well.

The pic in this posting is for Piggy, who insists we carry on scrapping.


  1. Yayyyyy! I'm first! Take that bee-yotches!


    BOOO! HISS!!!

    I missed my catfight.

  3. WW: Not technically a pic... the La La La image.
    p.s. check your email

  4. i say we all gang up on piggy and beat the bacon out of him.

  5. Pink and Awaiting can hold Piggy down and MJ can just kick the crap out of him.

    Me? I'll supervise. Hey, someone has to.

  6. he'd probably enjoy us holding him down. we need something to really terrify him. i know, let's tell them we're coming to visit and staying for a week. that ought to terrify him.

  7. *packing her bags*

    Oooo, and Awaiting and I can bring the kids!!!

    He'll be practically suicidal!

  8. *takes enough meds to knock me out for the entire flight*

    wait - who's paying for my plane ticket? someone wake me up when we get there.

  9. i just reminded myself who i'm going with. i have to bring along an innocent bystander to protect myself for the flight, b/c knowing you three perv's by the time we get there i'll have my skirt over my head and a sign pinned to my shirt that says something dirty.

    *wonders if hottie#2 wants to come along for the "ride"*

    *wonders if this could be the perfect opportunity to join the mile high club*

  10. Everyone: Piggy is too cute and too wee to harm physically. So your plan to bring as many children as possible and drive him mad is the best strategy.

    Of course I'll accompany all of you. My role will be to come on to Tazzy day and night and drive Piggy insanely jealous.

  11. Piggy is weak due to his obesity.

    Don't be laughing at him,he cries easily.

  12. SID: Obesity? That's rich coming from someone who's spent a lifetime stuffing potatoes down his gullet.

  13. *purchases Pink's ticket using company credit card*

    Don't worry. I'll ghost you on the payroll.

    *hands her meds and a cocktail*

    Use both. It's more effective that way.

    *hands all kids tons of sweets*

    Now remember, wait until we do the final approach to start loading up. Y'all will be raring to go by the time we get to Piggy and Tatty's abode.

    And then we'll go visit SID. Not to worry, I brought plenty of body armor.

  14. Is Maidink talking about her latex rubber suit again?

  15. SID: She knows you're armed with a potato gun.