Friday, September 15, 2006

Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick. What is this shite, anyway?

You Brits will put anything in your mouths, won’t you?


  1. Just watch what you're saying mj. Spotted Dick was a weekly regular on the British school dinner menu.
    Some people became addicted to Spotted Dick for lfe!

  2. Actually it's quite nice although like all of our puddings it doesn't really taste of much.

    Don't get the tinned variety though.


  3. MJ. It contains suet and is therefore unsuitable for vegetarians.
    Please be more circumspect with regard to your culinary recommendations.
    I believe that the vegetarian equivalent is called "Gushing Fanny", available from Fortnum and Masons at £7.99 a can.

  4. Urrrgh! I hate that fucking stuff!

    I hate anything with suet in it, actually.

    Oh shite! You're back online again. Drat. Must perfect the masterplan.

  5. Kaz: I'm addicted to dick alright. Just not the spotted variety.

    Billy: Tinned dick is too disgusting for me to contemplate.

    Vicus: Gushing Fanny? She's the evening's entertainment at our local strip club.

    Piggy: Your plan to take over the world has failed. Oh, and bugger Blogger.

  6. I thought Spotted Dick was Michael Jackson's nickname. You mean it's food?

  7. I like dick and all, but I prefer mine not to be spotted.

    Who left the gates of hell open!? Piggy go back!

  8. I understand that all of the leftover 'ingredients'from the KLIK factory that are deemed to be unsuitable for livestock consumption are exported to the UK to be repackaged as
    Spotted Dick...

  9. I don't put spotted dick in my mouth

  10. hh: you do too. we have pictures that prove it.

    mj: you aren't stripping anymore? guess it started cutting into your time on the corner.

  11. Spotted dick and custard mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , you are all philistines , its food of the gods.

    Hardhouse your fooling no - one

  12. Pru: Eww.
    *tries not to think about Michael Jackson’s spots*

    Awaiting: Piggy has a season’s pass to this blog, unfortunately.

    FN: I’d like to hear you order this in a restaurant and not snicker.

    HE: And into our KFC.

    Hardhouse: Oh who are you kidding?

    Pink: Shut it or I'll bump you off your corner.

    Beast: That may be but we Canucks are Philistines with poutine.

  13. mj - you can have the corner. tazzy's my sugar daddy and has put me up in a nice hotel. so there!