Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rear of the Year

Piggy: The real Arse of the Year

The winners of the 2006 Rear of the Year were announced today with the accolades going to singer Javine Hylton and retired footballer Ian Wright.

Hylton says she stays in shape by pole dancing. She said: "I'm flattered to be voted Rear of the Year. I've been pole dancing loads in the new stage production Daddy Cool, so it's definitely paid off for me."

View a slideshow of beauteous buttocks (male and female) in The Sun.

Who is your choice for the most alluring arse?


  1. I'm sorry.

    I'm a bit dazed right now.

    *must see slideshow again*

  2. What a grubby old crack! looks like it could do with a good scrub and douche to me.

  3. Maidink: When you come to, let us know your personal choice for best booty.

    Frobi: Ha! He claims it's the cleanest in Yorkshire.

  4. women: venus williams
    men: that ass right up there, baby.

    i would like to tickle it with a long piece of kelp.

  5. I think I see shite on his arse.

  6. FN, Awaiting, and Pink: Dirty bitches. All of you.

  7. Oh yes I remember that shot.

    They did a good job at photoshopping out the horse.

  8. SID: And your puckered lips.

  9. *wanders in*

    *wanders straight back out*

    *slapping each and every commenter on the way*

    *pauses a moment and slaps Frobi-face again*

    *boots MJ in her gaping fud*

  10. OH LORD it feels good to be back home...I have missed you and your sense of humor!

  11. Women: Bubbles, of course
    Men: Desiree, who has a lower voice, and I suspect a bigger dick, than I do

  12. Piggy: *fud swallows Piggy whole and spits him out again*

    Tilde: Where have you been, gal? Welcome back!

    WW: Well I don't know about Desiree's dick but David Walliams, who plays Desiree, is known to put it about quite a bit.

  13. Pru: Then you must LOVE Piggy's arse.

    WW: Makeup on who? Piggy?