Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Every Tom, Dick and Harry Cox

As a child, I enjoyed perusing the telephone book for unique names.

Some things never change.

All the names below are listed in Infospace White Pages.

Add to my list if you wish.

Dick Wanker
Harry Cox
Harry Dick
Esmeralda Arse
Kum Bum
Frank Fecker
Billie J. Fuchs
Helen Sluti
Alice Klit
Sarah Kunt
Jason Boner
Bonnie Nipple

And finally, from a realtor’s website, there’s Gaye Mayles.


  1. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahaha!

    This isn't a real name, but when I was in high school there was this really skinny chick who used to starve herself. I was cruel to her, I hate to admit, because she had such a snobby attitude. So whenever I needed to talk to her I would call her Ana instead of her real name.

    To my friends I addressed her Ana Rexic.

    Or Billi Mick.

    I know...so cruel. I have since repented!

    And I'm first!

  2. Awaiting: Cruel but fair. Snobs are knobs.

  3. A guy at my friend Ricks school was called Hugh Janus.

  4. In the army there was once a Private Partz.

    And then there was the hilarious but ridiculously rude, Minge Jooze.

    Went by the initials MJ

  5. SID: Online you're SID but I know your real name ... Dick Little.

  6. KumBum???? LOL

    I was always partial to Mike Hunt

  7. Pamer: I couldn't believe it when I saw Kum Bum. Try it yourself on Infospace. I didn't make any of these up, believe it or not.

    You're partial to Mike Hunt? Well sorry but it's taken.

  8. Dick Trickle, the famous race car driver.


  9. Chelly: Sounds like an STD.

  10. I went to Highschool with a guy named Harry Hore.