Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Christmas Comes Early Chez Infomaniac

Crimbo (slang term for Christmas in the UK) has come early chez Infomaniac.

Our first Crimbo card arrived yesterday … 3 and a half months before Christmas!

The card arrived creased and bent out of shape, much like its senders.

The inscription? “Greetings, Cocksucker!”

I’m not really a Crimbo person but it brought a smile to my face nonetheless.

I placed the card on the mantelpiece and left for work.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to find that Benny the Cat had other ideas for the card!…

(photo taken by our Loo Cam)

Makes you feel warm all over and fills you with the Christmas spirit, doesn’t it?

Thanks, fellas.


  1. YAY! first again! woohoo!

    why did those dirty cunts send you a card so early? are they on their "special" drugs again?

  2. Well, I don't know if I am lucky enough to receive one or not. I can't get into my friggin mailbox.

    I think we should all send them Easter cards with jellybeans and rotten eggs.

  3. We did send you one, Awaiting.

    How could we forget you?

  4. Mississippi's Pony Express isn't as fast as regular post.

  5. If I had a cat, then I am sure that is were the card they sent me might end up...

  6. Geo and I received ours yesterday. Thank you, boys!!!

    If I were sober, I would have read it.

  7. Pax: I'm wondering where it ended up instead.

    Maidink: That was quite the bender you went on. Glad to see you've resurfaced.