Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fabio Cannavaro’s Arse

The photo above is for all of you who wanted me to post over the previous photo of Bubbles Devere and Roman Devere and Desiree Devere of Little Britain fame.

Are you happy now?

Please excuse me now while I finish off this bottle of red wine.


  1. Who let that little fecker Minion in? Sneaky little bastard.

  2. mj - can i have him for a crimbo present? please? pretty please?

  3. Pink: He’s yours. Just leave me Alessandro Del Piero.

    Midget Arse: You have a way with words. Phwoar!!!

  4. damn, the implication I read was that pink wanted me as a krimble present....

    oh well, plenty more fish in the sea...

  5. That guys arse does less for me than those fat birds, and truly I found them a struggle.

  6. He looks a right poof.

    My arse is mych better than his.

    No, I'm not proving it. You'll have to take my word for it.

  7. Minion: You'll have to fight off Robbie Williams to get to Midget Arse's heart.

    Tom: Please suggest a replacement arse and I'll see what I can do for you.

    Piggy: We've all seen your arse and it's not all that "mych" better. Do you want me to re-post that photo of your arse for everyone to see who missed it the first time?

  8. It's clear now who has the true power on your blog, MJ.

    A few arghs from Awaiting, some whining from Pink, Midget Arse and First Nations, and a perfectly normal Brit love triangle is squeezed out in favour of yet another Italian hunk with no spunk, a cute little ass and dirty shorts.

    You're going soft, MJ.

  9. WW: I've noted that you just described Fabio Cannavaro as having "a cute little ass."

  10. *laughs at WW's comment*

    *swoons for the hottie*

    Billy who? Vin what? Jack when?

    Why is there a picture of my husband on your page?!

  11. Awaiting: Everybody has pics of your husband. Frankly, we were surprised that he knows how to use email to send them to us.

  12. He has got a nice arse, but red pants makes it look big. Perhaps he should take them off?

    Oh oh! WV was 'mtqwrz': Empty Queers. We're so shallow. Or, actually empty...

  13. IDV: I'm with you on that one. Take it off!

    WV: mtcunt

  14. DOH! One little misstep, and you're on me like a fly to shit (or like Bubbles on Roman).

    You don't miss a *&@#$^?! thing, do you?

  15. i would be if he was a nude as the previous selections were.
    i am a demanding bitch, i know.
    fair is fair.

    *toddles off to take a.m. hrt*

  16. My husband doesn't know how to spell email let alone use it, so I know that's not true.

  17. FN: I previously posted a pic of Fabio Cannavaro’s bare arse … a side view. Click here to view it and scroll down to the bloke holding the ball.