Saturday, September 16, 2006


Note: Not safe for work. Use headphones.

Press the keys from left to right on this xylophone.

And type on Buffy’s Swearing Keyboard

(Thanks Geoff for the xylophone link)


  1. oh, it's not safe at home with a 6 year old in the room either...

  2. Thank you MJ! That was wonderful.

  3. i can't wait til' i get off work to listen.

  4. Minion: Now the six year old can talk just like Daddy.

    SID: You may be in Heaven now but you're going to Hell.

    Chelly: Ta. Don't repeat anything you heard here today or you'll have to wash your mouth out with soap.

    Pink: Hurry home.

  5. omg! i thought it was hilarious!

  6. Well, kids, today's letter is R...because that was the one that was most fun and melodic...

    L was a close second -- he said it with such laborious intent and feeling -- with Z and O honorable mentions.