Thursday, April 03, 2008

Canadian, Eh?

Bob and Doug McKenzie: typical Canadians

Welcome to a new series on Infomaniac entitled, “Canadian, Eh?” where we shall explore the culture and customs that make up The Great White North.

Today on Canadian, Eh?: FOLK DANCE!

Most countries have a traditional dance that originated among the common people of the region.

England has its Morris Dancing…

I wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole

Ireland has its Step Dancing…

Photo via [Manuel]

Personal note to Manuel: You can purchase the wigs here.

Scotland has its Highland Dancing…

Après dance

And Germany and Austria have their Schuhplattler…

A thigh-slapping good time

But what of Canada, you ask?

Surely the Canadians have contributed to the colourful world of folk dancing?

Why yes, we have!

Infomaniac proudly presents, straight out of Québec (La Belle Province) the Kangourou Dance!…

Oui, oui, c’est Le Kangourou!


  1. How those long dark winter evenings must fly by

  2. y a-t-il une histoire derrière la danse ?

    A nation that cares as much about global warming as it does about baby seals.

  3. BEAST: It gives us something to do in the winter besides re-stringing our snowshoes and sewing Canadian flags onto our backpacks.

    TICKERS: A story behind the dance?

    Beast summed it up best when he mentioned the long, dark winters.

  4. Can't wait to try this out at the next Blast-furnace-mans annual dinner dance.

  5. TICKERS: Or the Steelworkers Ball.

  6. Was it invented by an Aussie visitor?

    I was going to say what about Ceroc but I've just learned that it wasn't French but invented by a Scotsman who picked up on the way the French kids were dancing to le rock et le roll in 1980.

    And Celine Dion is on the front page of Wikipedia today. I can only take so much.

  7. GEOFF: An Aussie visitor with wacky tobaky, perhaps. Afterall, it WAS the sixties.

    Honestly, I should make a disclaimer that Le Kangourou is NOT really Canada's national dance. Otherwise it would have been part of Celine's act in Vegas.

    Our nation apologizes for inflicting Celine Dion upon your people.

  8. ah, you posted a youtube. that'll piss off the knudster! and i thought the canadian dance was the was the "tube snake boogie"?!?!

  9. hey, i saw a nice dance when i was up in canada was called the 'canadian winos with squeegees flipping people off and screaming at passing cars and hopping up and down' dance! most of the performers are down around Hastings ave. i predict it will be bigger than CRUNK!!

  10. We have a well known saying in England - "You should try everything in life at least once - with the possible exception of incest and Morris dancing."

  11. VOICES: I'll be expelled from the Knudsen Nation for posting a YouTube.

    But how else was I supposed to demonstrate the dance? Come to your house personally?

    FN: That squeegee dance is a craze all over town.

    Try Terminal Avenue to see the biggest chorus line.

    KAZ: I've yet to try either incest OR Morris dancing.

    But the day is still young here.

  12. Bloody hell that morris dancer in the pink dress looks a lot like Lord Bath. He owns one of our safari parks.

  13. TATAS: All British men do drag, don't they?

  14. i'll put in a good word for you at the nation, perhaps he will keep you around, i did notice he said something nice about you today... and yer welcome on my doorstep anytime. muwhahahaa...

  15. VOICES: I've already hit myself once in the head as is the required punishment for posting a YouTube.

    I hope he doesn't make me do that thing that he makes Boxer do.

  16. EWWW... i dont even want to think about that...

  17. Ha! YouTube! That's going to help me and my brilliant plan to get the cap. Thank you?

  18. hey! I just read your comment to Inner Voices - Old K said he'd never talk. Bastard.

  19. Great photos and video. Don't know if it counts as Canadian though, the lyrics say it's danced from Montreal to Moscow, which would make it worldwide (unless they meant Moscow Idaho).
    And Canada does have some great morris dancers.

  20. Bloody YouTube indeed. In Killamory we have the bump and grind, you person who are dead to me.

  21. ooooooh, knudsen has spoken....

  22. VOICES: Eww too.

    BOXER: Dang.

    JIM: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Morris dancing in Canada?

    Obviously I don't get out much.

    KNUDSEN: I thought it was okay to post a YouTube since you declared on April 1st that you were giving up blogging.

    I hit myself in the head!

    Isn't that enough?

    VOICES: I feel so cheap and dirty.

    I should wear a sign around my neck that says, "I am a YouTube hoor."

  23. Does bush dancing count? We had to learn it in school.

  24. ahhh, i think it'll be allright. he'll just bitch about it for a while... he'll be back with a smile on his face in no time. hahahahahaaaa...

  25. I like how the Scots aren't showing any bush.

  26. T-BIRD: You’re not beating round the bush, are you?

    VOICES: I’m in for a week of degradation and humiliation in the meantime.

    MATT: But didja see the “sporran” on the guy on the left?

    Have you crossed my threshold before or am I just having flashbacks from Knudsen's blog?

  27. This has such a wonder CBC feeling about it.

  28. DINAH: Doesn't it, though?!

    I keep expecting Wayne And Shuster to walk out on stage.

  29. I am hopping mad when I think of the Billions of Dollars we've wasted on those zany Kebekers and their madcap antics.
    Is this what they are doing with all of that 'hush' money?

  30. DONN: That and paying off the 1976 Summer Olympics.