Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bush Whacking

Following yesterday’s pubic hair discussion, a number of bloggers have volunteered to come over and trim my hedges and whack my weeds.

Names have been withheld so it’s up to you to figure out who’s who.

Click to make bigger, why don’t you?

As you can see, the volunteers have got their work cut out for them...

Drop by with your clippers if you would like to assist in the volunteer effort.

While they’re toiling, I’ll be indisposed and not responding personally to your comments.

Carry on without me, bitches.


  1. Is that model Kate Moss?

    I love the look of the neighbor looking at the arse hedge. He doesn't seem to be 'over the moon'.

  2. I am indisposed , and wont be commenting!

  3. Why is that man peeing on his lawn-mower ?

    Not back by the way.

  4. I really like that last "Kate Moss" picture (good call, Tickers!)

    Where did you find it? It's really lovely.

  5. So who will you be getting to respond to the comments? will they be about me?

    I'm sure I have seen one of those pictures on another crazy woman's blog, hmmmmm I wonder what else you share.

  6. I think the man i the first picture has taken "sit and ride lawn wmower" literally!

  7. Re: what Cyberpete said. The man in picture two is taking the old music hall song She Sits Among The Cabbages And Peas to a new level. Either that or he is trying to impersonate the statue in the pond.

    As for picture one, that has reminded me to wipe down the seat of any sit down lawnmower with bleach the next time I hire one. I always thought those brown stains were compost ...

  8. CP, that gentleman in the second pic is trying to multi task by mowing and watering the lawn at the same time. Unfortunately, that watering is killing his lawn...

  9. so he hopefully never has to do it again yeah?

  10. I'm so glad that bloke in picture 1kept his hat on. So he may castrate himself but he'll not get sunstroke.

  11. One man went to mow
    Went to mow a meadow
    One man and his dong
    Went to mow a meadow

  12. I'm hoping that's a petrol mower. He'd be pretty fried if it was an electric one. Silly twat, fancy pissing next to something that's potentially lethal.

    Electric Pistol shot must be MJ. She's in a similar position in her baby lamb photo.

    IVD is the one ready for the rear end shot.



    The lady *lady?. Bullshit!* in the forest must be me.
    Nose in a bed of grass. Lying on the ground with no fucker bothering me.
    I'm sure MJ would pop in to make sure that some animal would piss on me. LOL

  13. you think you have problems, you should see my arse......oh wait.......

  14. I seriously thought about 'jacking your blog and answering comments for you.

    But they all kinda scare me.

    That's why I come back.

  15. Picture one. Nice dangler. Watch the blade on that thing and oh, the muffler can burn you in places you don't want to know!

  16. BITCHES: From the poetic to the profane.

    Thanks to all who dropped by today.

    Even big-mouth Tatas.

    And Manuel? You don’t know how close I came to posting that pic of your hairy arse again.