Friday, February 15, 2008

Filthy Friday – Piggy’s Starfish

You’ve seen his arse a million times...

Piggy’s arse

Butt now see Piggy’s starfish!…

I know, I know. Some of you have already seen this posting on his blog but for those who haven’t, I’m taking the liberty of giving his arse more air time here on mine.


  1. I think he has an artificial starfish... very odd! What happened to his real one?

  2. How nice.....Piggy's Arse
    is there no escape

  3. Think of it as a very sweet dessert, IDV.

  4. "Good morning starfish
    You lead us along
    My arse and me as we sing
    Our early morning starfish song

    Gliddy glub gloopy
    Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo
    Sabba sibby sabba
    Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo
    Tooby ooby walla
    Nooby abba naba
    Early morning starfish song"

  5. Yes, definitely stretch marks observed.


  6. Will we ever escape from Piggy's arse?

    Will no one set us free from this horror!

  7. MUTLEY: His real starfish is undergoing reconstruction but it’s unlikely it will ever return to its former elasticity.

    BEAST: When you told us that your “grumbling prostate was forcibly removed a few years back. It now lives an independent life. It has adopted an improbable Scottish accent, sports a ginger wig and is living in Barnsley under an assumed name.” …well, I knew it would end up here seeking refuge on my blog.

    IVD: Help yourself to a toothpick and an after-dinner mint.

    PIGGY: A sweet dessert as in a half-eaten Mars Bar?

    LORD T: So THAT’S what he was saying!

    I liked that one better than “Jean, Jean you’re young and alive”…

    which is more than we can say for poor old Oliver.

    SID: Stretch marks on both the arse cheeks AND the starfish.

    That starfish is about as stretched as it can get without a team of surgeons working ‘round the clock to restore it.

    GARFY: If you would kindly send me a photo of your comely Irish arse, we’d have something else to gaze upon for a change.

    Quit playing hard to get.

  8. Does he shave his butt or is he naturally hairless?

  9. piggy, there's your butt AGAIN on the internet; do even OWN pants? *adjusts contrast on monitor down* jeezly christmas!

  10. looks a little camera shy to me. the word of the day is cheeks! lets spread the word!

  11. Well here's a filthy friday poser for you.
    Do piggy's butt cheeks slap together when he walks upstairs , or is it more of a 'chewing a toffee' kind of motion ????

  12. I hope that cannon isnt loaded, otherwise the starfish is in for a shock. I am saddened to see that the 'ass' supports Arsenal. In these 'politically correct' times shouldnt there be a statement similar to ...... Other football teams are available to support....??!!!

  13. Hmmm now is that a silicone implant?

  14. Never mind about sweet cheeks here inviting all the gunners up his hole I want to see more of yer yeti man Manual the waiter, threaten to quit blogging again.

  15. I want to see more of Mr Fuzzy tail too.

  16. That lass has an arse I could sink my teeth into.

  17. BITCHES: It's turning out to be almost impossible to play with you today.

    I'll be back to respond to you all individually in about 7 or 8 hours.

    Carry on without me!


    what kind of filthy friday talk is that
    You could have at least left us you undies to sniff

  19. There's no way I'm sniffing them, Beast. Even if I did manage to get close enough without passing out, whatever horrors lurk within might leap out and get me!

  20. Filthy Friday plummets to new depths

  21. What a sexy starfish....not sure why he exposed himself in the snow. I guess its a freezing arse fetish or something??

  22. Reading your comment threads MJ, is like an exercise in deciphering world-class smut.

    There's no way I can possibly keep up with you people.

    Carry on, I'll just sit here, mouth agape at bottoms and wit, wishing I was more clever.

  23. MYTOES: Can’t you see the fine ginger hairs?

    FN: If by pants you mean underpants, the answer is no.

    Piggy goes commando.

    Try not to think about it.

    VOICES: Camera shy? Piggy’s a ham!

    He loves the camera but the camera is not so enamoured of him.

    BEAST: More like the sound of air being let out of a balloon.

    ANDY: The “cannon” shoots blanks.

    CYBERPOOF: Listen to SID.

    He who has been up close and personal.

    SID: From one lard arse to another.

    GAY FELLER: Keep yer pants on, Blue Balls.

    I just happen to have a revealing shot of Manuel the Yeti Man that may be of interest to his public. It could either ruin his career or elevate him to Godlike status.

    I might just sit on it ‘til the Blog Awards. What do you think?

    ANON: I see you’re wiping up the rear of the Gay Feller.

    KNUDSEN: Have you had your Tetanus shots?

    BEAST: I’m sure FN will be happy to oblige in the meantime.

    IVD: Yet you wore The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts immediately after me.

    If only those Shorts could talk.

    FROBI: Depths? Are you referring to Piggy’s arse or my knickers?

    EMMA: Tazzy likes to watch the goose bumps rise on Piggy’s cold arse.

    T-BIRD: But without you I’d have to snozzle IVD and he’s obsessed with Tim.

    Close that clever agape mouth of yours though ‘cause you never know what will pop into it around here.

  24. he'll be regretting that tattoo today heheheehe 4-0 bwahahahaha