Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Sin Bin


Cum for the cock…

Stay for the snatch…

Blog News

Infomaniac will be tinkering with its template today making minor adjustments.

Expect cursing, crabbiness, and cockups.


  1. Yay Firstliness is next to godliness.
    Swearin , cursin and cock ups change there then MJ
    You minx

  2. That is some heavy bushes - I think they need to be trimmed a tiny bit

    Bingowings might be up for the challenge.

  3. Hmmm... Those seamen look familiar.

    And just what will these cocks be up?

  4. We're use to the crabbiness as is your pharmacist.

  5. BEAST: My left tit has instructed me to slap you.

    CYBERPOOF: Bingowings claims to have a big weed whacker.

    IVD: The guy on the right is your stand-in for those nights you can’t make it down to the docks.

    BOXER: Stand behind the orange cones and crime scene tape.

    SID: That reminds me…isn’t it time you stepped back into the confessional?

    BITCHES: I haven't started my template tinkering yet. I keep making excuses and finding distractions. Oh, just found another...I have to go to the liquor store. And soon!

  6. Is this Navy regulation? He seems to have all hands on dick...or is that deck?

  7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...

    Though, these bushes are big enough for a flock of seagulls!

    *And I ran, I ran so far away!*

    Obviously, these ladies need to ask that fella up there who does his lawn.

  8. Now hear this All Hands On Dick!

    If only you used your powers for good, instead of schmut?!

  9. Template Changes??

    What template changes?

    *uses magnifying glass to read the text*

  10. Are they Yank semen? I'm glad I never joined the navy.

  11. I'm still crabby and not speaking to any of you right now.

    Especially SID.

    *kicks SID in the man snatch*

  12. Why do I enjoy seeing gay action pics, even though I'm not gay?

    Honestly, I'm not....