Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wee Baby IVD

Most of you have seen this pic before so run along.

Infomaniac is posting this childhood photo of IVD (Inexplicable DeVice) especially for his Coven of Hags who missed it the first time.


  1. Dont you just want to pinch those adorable little cheeks! Gosh - he hasn't changed too much, has he?

    What a cutie!

  2. those look like the dice that Stewie from Family Guy had down his diaper!

  3. Such a happy baby; though there's that twinkle in the eyes--scheming by the looks of it.

    Was this before the other consciouses moved in?

  4. T-BIRD: He doesn’t like having his bottom pinched.

    DINAH: Like dice, his diaper IS loaded.

    BINGOWINGS: This was before he learned to narrow his eyes.

    Perhaps he’ll stop by later to enlighten us on the development of his other personalities.

  5. Ah, a time when I was free of the despicable wandering witch!

    I think this is the first time I've been beneath two men and their gigantic weapon!

  6. IVD: The first time you've been beneath two men and their gigantic weapon without money being exchanged.

  7. t-bird said... "what a cutie".

    Are you looking at the same pic as me?

  8. Well I am a devotee of our charismatic leader. Yes, I would drink the kool aid.

  9. T-BIRD: Well it's nice that he has you lot to bow down to him as he's used to being the one who's on his knees.