Sunday, February 17, 2008

Book Title of the Day

The Love Smeller by James H. Ramp.


  1. I am completely foxed as to what to say about that book title. Just ...

    However, the cover artisit could use a few more weeks in art class - What's with the bizarre arms/torso perspective of waterboy?

    P.S. I like the new font. Is it a lot bigger to cater to some of your older readers, whose eyesight may not be what it once was *coughs*Piggy*coughs* ?

  2. Can I have that extra 'i' back from 'artisit' please? I might need it later. Beaky's been hanging around again...

    Yay! First and second!!

  3. This book title reminds me of that very old joke (maybe even older than wee piggy)
    Beast : Can I smell your Minge?

    MJ: How Dare you!!

    Beast: Must be your Crocs then !

  4. IVD: I started out with a smaller font but a few concerned bloggers emailed me saying GrandDad Piggy wouldn't be able to read it.

    Besides, this makes it easier to read when you come home falling-down-drunk.

    BEAST: *plucks halibut from Love Smeller's pond and slaps Beast in the face with it*

    PIGGY: Good. You were able to read the new and improved giant font that was placed here for your benefit.

    BITCHES: I need your help with this dang comments box. Before I diddled with the new template, I could use the middle box at the top of the comment box (between the minimize box and "x" close box) to make the comments box expand to fit the entire page. It won't expand anymore. How do I fix it?

  5. I know how to do it!

    *evil, smug cackle*

  6. Oh and have I mentioned I fucking hate giant fonts.

    If the pensioners (ie: not me, but possibly SID) can't read it at the norma size, they should get themselves some decent specs!

  7. And...

    So you made it easier for them to read the post, by subjecting us all to poke-us-in-the-eyes fonts, but you left the sad fuckers unable to read the normal-sized comment text?

    Sadistic not-thinking-things-all-the-way-through bitch.

  8. Wimmin should never be permitted to tinker with technological things they don't really understand.

  9. PIGGY: Here's the deal.

    I'll make the font smaller if you'll tell me how to expand the comments box.

    And how can I make the comments bigger when there's no option in the "Layout - Fonts & Colors" for "Comment Font?"

    I'm not one of those bloggers who rearranges their blog furniture every other week so I have limited experience in this field. And I don't enjoy diddling with html and all the rest that goes along with blog tinkering.

    And there's nothing wrong with SID's eyesight. It's just that he has to move his belly to the side to read the page as the fatty tissue tends to obstruct his view.

  10. Techno-Retard to the rescue!

    I have the same non-embiggening middle box, but if one presses Ctrl when clicking on the Comment link under a post, a new Comment tab opens full size.

    Well, it does using IE.

    Piggy's probably got some convoluted HTML jiggery-pokery explanation.

  11. Walt Disney immediately bought the rights thinking that it was "Old Yeller".

    The novel was eventually reworked and became A Boy And His Dog starring Don Johnson:

  12. IVD: Bless your warty wee wand!

    It worked! … and with Mozilla Firefox.

    We techno-retards must stick together and make the sign of the cross at those (Piggy) who would mock us.

    LORD T: I’ve seen the movie of which you speak. Don Johnson before he took his socks off.

    Incidentally, Pamela (I’m With the Band) Des Barres, said Johnson has the biggest cock she’s ever seen. And she’s seen ‘em all!

  13. It's all different around here!


    *realizes it's always been different*

    *realizes that hiding is fun*

    Ms. DesBarres obviously never made the acquaintance of brother James' big man on campus (

  14. FN: I have corresponded with Ms. Plaster Caster regarding the 'Jimi Hendrix Experience'.

    I made a pilgrimage several years ago to the scene of the crime…the Chicago Hilton.

    Although I didn’t gain access to the room where it all went down, I am a “firm” believer that it should be turned into a shrine and you and I become “members” of the Phallic Cult.

  15. So Johnson lived UP to his name eh?
    What a coinky dink!

  16. HE: *wonders if Beaver Cleaver lived up to HIS name*

  17. I am so intrigued by this book. WHo is the love smeller? The blind man in the water? THe guy ready to square off into a gunfight showdown? The dog?!

  18. DINAH: He's blind?

    I thought he was just closing his eyes and smelling the love!

  19. Yay! A spell that works!!

    I always make the sign of a cross at Piggy.

    No, wait. I just look cross* at Piggy.

    * Not eyed before any smartarse pipes up.

  20. Blind!? Closing his eyes? He looks like he's relieving himself in the water, while the dog has that I'm-going-to-hump-that-leg look on it's face!

  21. Whoa, whoa whoa! Someone made a plaster cast of Jimmy's Jimmy?

    For real? That is so awesome.

  22. I tried the ctrl thing and nothing happened, so I tried agan and again and again. I just kept getting the small box with the non expandable middle button (sounds like a pair of jeans I had once) Then I looked up and I had no less than 10 full page comment tabs!
    Gahhhh, I hate technology!

  23. Piggy ~ See this coming?



  24. IVD: Do you manage to look cross with that wonky eye of yours?

    BINGOWINGS: I take it you've seen that "I'm-going-to-hump-that-leg" look before?

    Was it from IVD or CyberPete?

    T-BIRD: You have much to learn at the feet of MJ and FN.

    ELLIE: I had the 10 comment tabs too before I got the hang of it.

    There must be a better way but Piggy is keeping it under his hat. Along with a half-eaten sandwich.

    SID: Did you just smack Piggy with one of your moobs?

  25. if you press ctrl, alt, insert whoever you want gets violated by the cybermen, don't press num lock as that can be quite painfull.

  26. All this html talk is making me fall asleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. KNUDSEN: I think I just violated myself.

    BOXER: I was just dozing off when your comment came in and woke me up, dammit.