Thursday, February 21, 2008

Infomaniac Reader Arrested!

Claiming to be a Typical Infomaniac Reader, this man has been arrested...

Who is he? And what is his crime?


  1. It looks remarkably like Piggy in that "fat, chinese faced" picture he displayed not so long ago.

    As for the crime? Impersonating a druid while breaking and entering the Tardis. I'm not even going to mention the crimes against fashion...

  2. Shutit, IDV.

    It's Smunty.

  3. IVD: I remember that.

    I call it Piggy Moon Face.

    PIGGY: Piggy Moon Face.

  4. Was it because he's wearing fur with silk?
    Or for attempting to stick a postal worker up his ass?

  5. K8: Attempting to stick a postal worker up his ass?

    That proves it's Piggy as our Smunty is England's finest postie and Smunty's always up Piggy's arse.

  6. Not me!

    I wear fluffy tartan slippers.

    Not Piggy - too tall, and not fat enough!

  7. SMUNTY: Why do you need slippers when your pyjamas have feet?

  8. did PETA arrest him for those slippers. Because they're kinda dumb about things like that.

  9. Its Piggy wig for sure , the ginger slippers give it away

  10. No clue who it is

    but the offence is quite obvious. It's a crime of (and I use the term very loosely) fashion.


  11. but he looks like such a nice guy.heh heh. maybe knudsen ratted him out for something perverted?

  12. I am going to 'rap' with the perp in the vernacular of 'da schtreet'.

    You can translate with BabelFish if it doesn't register...

    "Boy you look like sum punk ass bitch who tore da muthaf*ckin label off o heyaz muthaf*ckin mattress.

    Whatchoo lookin at bitch?

    You want sum o this cracker? sheeyat, step up n get sum beeyotch?

    I'm gunna bust you up real bad muthaf*cka!"

    Cheeky little bugger...
    apparently he's already 'lawyered up' and was unprepared to divulge the nature of his transgression so
    I'm guessing..
    Colonel Mustard in the Library wirth a Candlestick!

  13. BOXER: I hope they put him in the doghouse.

    BEAST: If that's Piggy, those aren't slippers.

    It's the ginger hairs of his toes.

    CYBERPOOF: I'm picturing IVD typing furiously in his hoodie and furry slippers.

    VOICES: Knudsen will claim that the Diocese of Leeds is to blame.

    HE: I'm gonna bust a cap in yo ass, bitch!

  14. Clearly this man in a poacher who has killed two lions, and has stuffed his feet in their head in an effort to absorb the lions' sexual powerz of attraction.

  15. T-BIRD: A little blue pill would have saved him the bother.

  16. MJ now that's a sight!

    I can see it now, and he's holding his binoculars up perving on Tim

  17. CYBERPOOF: And when he's not perving on Tim, he's Googling him!

  18. and to top it all off whatever it is in the hood and the decapitated animal heads is SNOTSUCKING. i ask you.

  19. RICH: Is that what you said when your date turned out to be a gurlyboy?

    You need to learn to read the signals.

    That's why I have a Knudsen Award and you don't.

    FN: Don't just stand there.

    Offer him your sleeve.

  20. The blue pill would have been cheaper, wouldn't it?

    Well, that and tiger penis tea.