Thursday, February 07, 2008

Private Parts of Political Tarts

Laureen Harper, wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, offers up a tray of tarts

See why she has to console herself with sweets…

Laureen’s husband – our PM

Despite my hours of research on your behalf, dear bitches, I was unable to dig up many naughty photos of the spouses of prime ministers and presidents.

The best I could do for England was a nude portrait of Cherie Booth painted two years before she became Mrs. Tony Blair.

Nude Cherie Blair

Representing the United States of America, here’s Laura’s Bush…

First Lady fish flaps

Okay, that one’s obviously PhotoShopped but next up, the real goods…

And now it is with great pride that I announce that it is CANADA who brings prime ministerial pussy to the world.

Maggie Trudeau and her Canadian beaver

Married to our late Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau from 1971 to 1984, Margaret (Maggie) Trudeau made headlines throughout the nation.

There were the rumours of “close” relationships with politicians Fidel Castro and Ted Kennedy, TV personality Geraldo Rivera, tennis star Vitas Gerulaitis, and actors Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal.

Maggie is especially remembered for partying with the Rolling Stones on the eve of her sixth wedding anniversary and a subsequent fling with Stones’ guitarist Ron Wood.

1999 pic of Margaret Trudeau by singer Bryan Adams

If you bitches know of any naughty political spouses pics I’ve missed, let me know. But please don’t let it be a naked Denis Thatcher.


  1. I hope that you enjoy your stay at Gitmo for publishing that picture of Laura. She is an object for your pity and not your scorn!

    The Secret Service should be at your door right about...


  2. That picture of Stephen Harper made me laugh and laugh. I don't know why, but I thought it was the funniest one out of all of these.

  3. ***still shuddering at thought of nekkid Cherie Blair***

  4. I want OBAMA!!! Give me OBAMA in all his NEKKID glory and I shall be one happy camper.

    Him and Bill....and Joe Biden...yes...I shall be happy then.

  5. I want to see Maggies Thatch before she dies.

  6. HE: And the fashion police will be at the Harpers’ door.

    How could she let him go out like that?

    DINAH: Is it any wonder you chose IVD as your leader over Harper?

    BEAST: What if Cherie Blair were covered in bronzed pancakes oozing chopped banana , fresh strawberries , honey , chocolate chips and nuts , and slathered in fresh whipped cream?

    I know your weakness and I prey upon it.

    PIGGY: Does the member from Barnsley have an objection?

    AWA: You take the photo.

    I’ll post it.

    KNUDSEN: Mind you don’t start to scratch from her snatch.

    You prefer it when your weemen lay still, don’t you?

  7. Obviously there was no need to walk the streets in Canada shouting "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie OUT OUT OUT".

  8. Ah!So THAT's Where Dubya got the name from!

  9. So that's what you call the Canadian PM. Its always a popular question in pub quizzes over here. Nobody ever knows the answer.

    That Margaret put some much needed pizazz into the land of the fur hat. That's Frenchies for you.

  10. KAZ: Maggie Maggie Maggie

    Your bush is looking shaggy.

    TONY: Had she been standing on her head, his nickname would have been “M.”

    GARFY: Our nation was built on beaver.

    Don’t get too comfy with your pub quiz answer as we’re anticipating a spring election.

  11. Tell us the truth MJ, that's your fish flaps that has been photo shopped on to her body.

  12. I wonder if Maggie's bush is as immaculately coiffed as her barnet?

  13. IVD: Maggie Trudeau? Or Maggie Thatcher?

    Because if it's Maggie Thatcher you're referring to, can you imagine the amount of hairspray needed to hold it in place?

    Denis would have knocked his teeth out!

  14. I reckon that's pretty well exactly what Mrs Bush looks like. Probably a little bit more cellulite, though.

    I don't want to think about any of Australia's leaders, past or present, in their naked glory. Not one looker amongst them.

  15. T-BIRD: Well, there was that artist who painted John Howard and Kim Beazley using his willy as a paintbrush.

  16. Trudeau was the only Cannuck PM I'm aware of. Didn't know his misses was a bit of a goer.

  17. Laura Bush is funny looking so open like that! No wonder George is smiling!

  18. Oh. My. God.

    I've had nightmares about showing up to work like that Laura Bush picture. My students would have nightmares for the rest of their lives...

    You've got to admire Margaret Trudeau - what style!

  19. TICKERS: And here's a Maggie Trudeau connection to the UK…

    “She was reported to have attempted to lure Prince Charles to visit her in Paris. She is said to have told friends: 'When I first met him in Ottawa I knew I'd got him interested. He deliberately peeked down my blouse. I rarely wear a bra and, since the blouse buttons were undone, he told me I was pretty enough to be an actress.”

    MYTOES: Open for business. And no need to stick a neon sign on it.

    PEEVISH: “Finding yourself naked at work or in a classroom, suggests that you are unprepared for a project at work or school”

    Thank you. That will be 100 dollars for my counsel.

  20. I was only a little kid, but I seem to recall seeing Maggie Trudeau's beaver "as is" in a newspaper. That would make hers the first (but far from last) beaver I ever saw.

    Back in those days, many newspapers had Morning Editions and Evening Editions. The idea that the PM was losing an election while his wife was partying at Studio 54 was quite the story. Never mind the lack of panties, at that time, just hanging out with the Rolling Stones in Studio 54 was enough to prove you were a moral degenerate.

    Supposedly, in a rush to get this juicy story in their post-election AM Edition, some editors "didn't notice" the B&W picture contained actual beaver. As a result, a few papers ran the picture unedited and many Canadians awoke to a new government over coffee and a fur-burger! If that had of happened in the US, somebody would be executed over it.

    But don't judge her by the fur. It was the 70's. Magnum PI was considered "clean cut" back then. Maggie's beaver is damn near bald by the standards of the day.

    And yes, for the record, she admits sleeping with Teddy Kennedy. And for his part, Geraldo claims "something special" happened between him and Maggie in a Central Park rowboat one day. He claims he's too much of a gentleman to kiss and tell. Yeah, right, buddy.

  21. ANON: Thanks for an entertaining account of your Maggie T. memories!

  22. Here it is 2012 and we here in Canada have Margret Trudeau's half wit boy running for leader of the Liberal party. I think I'll march with a blown up pic of his MOM's cunt