Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Snatch


  1. I've always had this fantasy about helping a gal out on her bike - thanks for giving me a pic to go with it MJ!

    And it's nice to know that not everyone is going with the $3000 chro-mo bikes now - there's still a place for a good old bike with a wheel that will turn when it needs to - she looks like a gal that can make a wheel turn.....

    And I had to notice the stripey tights - is this Granny MJ?!! No bottle of Jameson's in sight, but the end result could be the use of said same.

    I've had my own bad experiences with whisky and biking - missing a couple of teeth as a result. I tell everyone it's because of hockey, cuz that's more Canadian than drunk biking, but not much...

  2. Damn, forgot to say - YAYYY FIRST!

  3. Yay First! Scottish trumps Canadian.

    When I first saw a penny Farthing I said they would never take off and they didn't, planes did though.

  4. Saddle Sniffing
    Now theres a hobby that doesnt get enough attention.
    I bet old Knudy is a saddle sniffer

  5. How the Can Can made it's first appearance on the BMX extreme championship!


  6. Did she slip because of too much lubrication?

  7. Come back dicks and arses - all is forgiven!

  8. NWT: You’re having a long, cold winter up north there, aren’t you?

    KNUDSEN: It’s those damned inverted pendulums.

    Notoriously unstable.

    BEAST: Knudsen sniffs the seats of garden tractors that have been ridden hard by pensioners.

    BINGOWINGS: “Schwinn!”

    Ha! You make MJ laff with your Texan tomfoolery.

    MANUEL: A real knees-up!

    BOXER: She hasn’t renewed her bicycle licence either.

    CONNIE: She’ll need that lube is she’s trying to get in the mood to get it on with YOU.

    KAZ: Oh keep your panties on, you horny bitch.

    I’m sending you to Japan.

  9. Some cunt on a bike.

    Is that why that particular bike was called a Bone Shaker?

  10. Did she score with that overhead kick?

  11. SID: She rode the bone-shaker
    It shook her money-maker.

    GEOFF: Against West Ham.

  12. Ewwww! Nothing like scratched up snatch to turn you off of sex.

  13. MJ would do anything to get out of a parking ticket!

  14. SMUNTY: You asked for minge shots, you got 'em.