Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pics of Your Pricks

Infomaniac is putting out A CALL FOR COCK.

Full-frontal Knudsen proudly displays his meat and two veg

Last year, several of you bitches sent me unsolicited photos of your willies.

That was all well and good but you didn’t send me your best shots. For example, I’m sure that IVD’s condition has cleared up by now…

IVD’s warty wand

So get those cameras out and point and shoot.


Note: Photos of your bare arses are still being accepted as well. Thanks to the blogger who sent me a photo last week for my private collection. You know who you are.



  1. That Old Knudson cock looks like its been touched up.

  2. Once by the Bishop of Leeds but I don't like to talk about it.

    Made a great blog story though.

  3. COCKMASTER: You've no idea where it's been.

    KNUDSEN: I was pleased to see the Diocese of Leeds in your Gallery of Wankers right up there with Rich from the Beantown Cafe.

  4. You know, that warty thing looks like it belongs to one of the Pirates of the Carribean baddies. You know, that barnical one.

    So MJ gets bottom pictures for her collection? *huff* I think I am missing out...

  5. That warty one is going to give me nightmares.

  6. Cocks should be heard of but not seen. mine is quite nice however and i'm close enough to canada.

  7. Sick bitch, that pic is horrid, the first time you put that warty thing up was bad enough.

  8. T-BIRD: If you ask IVD nicely, perhaps he’ll send you a photo of his bottom for your own private collection.

    DINAH: Don’t speak ill of your leader.

    MARKY: Keep it in your pants.

    TATAS: Shut it and send me a pic of Connie’s cock.

  9. Will leave a pic ONLY if you promise never to scare us again by saying you're finished with blogging. OKAY?!

    And no more warty cock pics. Please!

  10. re: old knudsen. i have seen worse.

    so .. if i just ask for cock pix, i might get some???


  11. Oh you'd like that wouldn't you BITCH!

    Camera still hasn't turned up yet so you'll have to wait and see wont you.

    You wouldn't want a picture of his cock anyway it'll only make you jealous.

  12. NWT: No more warty wands.

    How about some lesions and ulcerations instead?

    BITTERSWEET: I’ll save you the bother and just post them here as they come in.

    TATAS: C’mon. Show us his wee willy.

  13. I'd just like to assure my Hags and all other interested parties that that virulent warty wonder is nothing whatsoever to do with me.

    Well, I might once have *accidently* hexed an ungrateful seaman's cock with something similar, but I can hardly be accountable for it - He deserved it!

  14. Your insatiable MJ.
    tsk tsk that manky manmeat is disgusting

  15. IVD: I would like to assure IVD’s hags and all other interested parties that IVD’s warty wonder made the cover of the British Medical Journal AND the centrefold.

    I have science to back me up.

    BEAST: A photo of your chubby arse would sate me.

  16. Not that I'm one to brag, but isn't it telling that 3 whole pages were used to cover my... wand.
    Whereas others aren't big enough for an eighth of a page cartoon strip?

  17. IVD: Dear oh dear.

    There's a big staple through your sac.

    That must hurt.

  18. it might take some convincing but i can see about getting a pic of geo's cock for ya.

    it'll cost you.

    annnnd chances are, it'll cost me, too.

  19. MAIDY: That slut of a husband of yours will give it up for free.

    Tell him to get a move on.