Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun With Foreskin

Oh the fun I would have if I had a foreskin.

And it’s practical too! I’d insert quarters in my foreskin and use it as a change purse. You never know when you’ll need to use a pay phone or plug a parking metre.

I could store a handful of Canadian Loonies under this one!

Infomaniac welcomes your ideas for more fun with foreskin.


  1. Yay first!

    Oh, it's a page full of ganky, cheesy, filthy hooded willy!

    Did Mr MJ pose for the 'here I am!' series of pics there?

    Vile little woman.

  2. SMUNTY: Oh just run off without leaving any helpful suggestions on how to have fun with foreskin.

    Which just serves to tell me you don’t have one.

    Poor cut bugger.

  3. Good grief! That second one could double up as some kind of awning. Or possibly even a marquee?!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for foreskin. Just not eight or twelveskin.

  4. IVD: Or a circus tent for Smunty's performing fleas.

  5. Always handy if you run out of anchovy fillets for your pizza , did you know if they have to do a skin graft around your eye , they use your foreskin...... bit of a bigger ifyou havn't got one anymore

  6. Foreskins were prized in the ancient world now due to the Victorians they cut them off, originally it was to stop wanking but I smell some Jews at work, first they kill Jesus then they mutilate babies willys. Everyone goes on about female mutilation well what about male mutilation which is accept in lesser countries like America which is why they have so many sexual crimes? Only an idiot would circumcise their childrens willys hey why not cut off their eye lids too? what do I hear? they are dirty? then how come weemen with 'intact' men get less yeast infections? God made the foreskin so therefore its Satan that wants rid of it.

    Oh you can keep yer weed in there.

  7. BEAST: Why don't you volunteer as a donor?

    They can graft the skin from your arse.

    They won't let you wear that stained anorak into surgery though.

    KNUDSEN: Canesten want to hire you for their next ad campaign.

    Long live the foreskin.

    Now roll me a fat one, would ya?

  8. Cut or uncut - at least they haven't got Rice Krispies.

  9. KAZ: I assume you're referring to IVD's warty wand?

    He's been religiously applying ointment for that condition.

  10. thanks mj, my mouth is watering right now

  11. A foreskin always makes a handy sleeping bag for a mouse I've always found.

  12. My Word!
    I knew that your obssession with the urinary meatus would come to a head someday.

    Only Genital Integrity Activists are silly enough to advocate needlessly suffocating their little weiners.

    Even Monotremes don't require a lid and they have to deal with a Cloaca!

    These days we're no longer running through 'ouchy', waist-high, brush chasing our bloody dinner on the bloody savannah? Why do you suppose the good lord invented pants?

    I'm afraid that you're flogging a dead horse.

  13. BITTERSWEET: I’ve provided packets of Wet Wipes on this blog for people like you.

    Please make use of them.

    EMMA: I’m assuming you’re referring to the “wood” mouse?

    LORD T: You must bring the wee fella out for some fresh air from time to time and not suffocate him.

    Choking the chicken, so to speak, will just leave him gasping for air if done too frequently.

    Moreover, you may no longer be running through 'ouchy', waist-high, brush. But you may find yourself head-first in 'ouchy', waist-high, BUSH.

  14. oddly enough im going to have to agree with the knuder on this one... cut it off? have you not figured out what the fucking shower is for? not for singing in but for washing in ya freaks. leave it on, when yer kids grow up, their lady friends will thank you every time!

    *storms out mumbling* fucking stupid peop.....

  15. Great - I opened this at work.

    You girls will never experience the wonder of trying to see how many M&M's you can get under your forekin ;)

  16. INNER VOICES: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I recognize you from the Knudsen/Manuel/FN circuit.

    Let’s hear it for the boys who can sing AND shower AND keep Mr. Happy clean.

    Let’s hear it for the foreskin!

    FROBI: Tit for tat. Last time I checked YOUR blog from work (never again) I was presented with images from ‘Dancing on Ice.’ Imagine my shame.

    As for the M&Ms, we girls can experience the wonder of seeing how many M&Ms we can suck out of a foreskin.

  17. Foreskin: it's like a little wizard hat so your dick can play dungeons and Dragons too.

  18. I'm all for the foreskin it's especially handy to put extra christmas stuffing in when you run out of room in your bird (turkey that is).

  19. I've just been sick in my mouth....

  20. Please cut, cut, cut.... Think of the germs under that hat!!!

  21. I prefer the look of the cut one. Foreskin is, well, not pretty. But that last series of pics of the peekaboo penis was kind of neat.

  22. FN: For more formal occasions, there's the top hat from the Monopoly game.

    PISSOFF: Now all I can picture is a turkey's flappy wattle and snood.

    MANUEL: Don't spit it out.

    Why does everyone think they can treat this blog like a vomitorium?

    BOXER: Cum again.

    MYTOES: It should scrub up nicely with a little Mr. Bubble and some TLC.

    PEEVISH: Oooo I love games!

    Peekaboo... Hide the Salami.

  23. you'll find the people that talk about germs and prefer the cut ones haven't have much experience with intact. I have a started flame war on this subject once with yanks that didn't know any better. Clinton wants to circumcise the Africans cos he doesn't know any better, I say nueter them.

  24. KNUDSEN: To know an intact willy is to love one.

    And the willy I’m referring to is not Clinton.

  25. Perhaps you can smuggle gemstones out of the country...or carry packets of Tylenol or Aspirin for the next time she has a "headache"'ll be prepared! ;)

  26. BINGOWINGS: Mustn’t shove too many gemstones in there or it could become petrified wood.

  27. Those pics look almost like my cock except my foreskin is a bit longer.