Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone else see the total eclipse of the moon last night?


  1. That was a proper, bona fide eclipse?

    I thought SID'd bent over to pick up the remote.

  2. IVD: With it’s reddish glow, the moon reminded me of SID’s freshly spanked arse.

    Funnily enough, the moon contains almost as many craters and releases almost as much gas as SID’s arse.

    PIGGY: Piggy Moon Face.

    GEOFF: I phoned a friend to tell her the eclipse was visible and that she should get outside to watch it.

    Her response?

    “I’ll watch it on TV later.”

    Was that your approach too?

  3. did anyone hear me howling at it? I am crazy about the moon and even nuttier when able to see an ECLIPSE.

    **thanking the Universe for a rare clear night***

  4. no but the fog at our house turned from flourecent white to orange and back to white. all in about an hour... then the fog moved out and the moon blasted in our bedroom window for the rest of the evening... stupid fucking thing...

  5. BOXER: I thought the howling was the sound of Knudsen giving you a good schtumping.

    SID: That rogue satellite over Ireland last night...

    Did ya git any toxins on ya?

    VOICES: Florescent fog?

    I want whatever drugs you're on.

    HE: I hope you wore your mittens out there in the cold.

    The ones with the string attached.

  6. MJ - yeah, I went out skiing for a couple of hours to see the eclipse. It was totally awesome up here - clear dark sky and about -10 C. Just beautiful! Took my binocs along as well to get a closer look - wish I could have looked at it via telescope, but have been checking some of the photos out on various websites today.

  7. NWT: Were you nekkid skiing?

    Telescope, eh?

    Is it just the moon you're viewing?

  8. nope. stupid canadian weather front moved in and eclipsed the eclipse. thanks bitch.

  9. yes, and it looked like a great big bloody orange and then it got cloudy. meh. lunar eclipses are heaps more interesting because they are potentially dangerous!

  10. thought that was my arse again.....with a tan

  11. FN: It was the only night so far this year that it hasn't rained.

    You were too busy roller skating around that big-ass behemoth discount grocery store to look out at the night sky anyway.

    SSA: I smell stainless steel and I like it.

    Is this your first time here?

    Are you an Infomaniac virgin?

    Your ma sure ain't. HA!!!

    MANUEL: The moon isn't hairy.