Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shoe? Or Sock?

Not since Crocs arrived on the scene has a shoe trend so upset me.

Luichiny Annabel sweater boot

Is it a shoe? Or is it a sock? Make up your mind, for fuck’s sake.

Stella McCartney 'Adhara' Legging Boot

From whence cometh this shoe/sock, boot/sock combo?

Anthropologie’s 'Clematis' shoe

And who is the bastard responsible?

Mark Jacobs ballet suede sock bootie (SOCKS ATTACHED TO FLATS!)… $315.00US/£162!

Shoes of Satan, be gone!!!


  1. Wtf?



    I am going to go burn all of my shoes now because this fuckery has me anti-footwear now.

    Damn, sweater/sock shoes!

  2. Satan indeed for only he could show such evil.... Gog is love.

  3. I like shoes and I like socks they make a most splendid accommodation together.

  4. Maybe these designers thought you needed something to keep your ankles warm..... dont they know that what ya knickers are for :-)

  5. its like those jumpers with pretend tee-shirts on the collar.or dickiebows tied with clips.........The World's Gone Mad!!!

  6. Instant clothes for the type of person who pisses and brushes their teeth in the shower.

  7. *vomits*

    So how much were yours?

    I could see Piggy wearing them.

  8. Ahem. I can remember wearing ankle socks with platform shoes when I was about twelve. I should say in my defence that it was a fashion craze in our school so it wasn't really my fault.

    No one over the age of twelve should wear socks and high heels though.

  9. Not like me to be practical - but do you put them in the washing machine or use boot polish and elbow grease?

  10. AWA: Fashion footwear fuckery most foul.

    GOG: Amen.

    Gog has spoken.

    BRAD: Try putting a sock in it.

    BEAST: Whilst your knickers are down around your ankles, ask Frobi to snap a photo of your arse and send it to me pronto.

    TONY: And don’t let me catch you wearing mittens with idiot strings.

    KNUDSEN: Do you blog from the shower, too?

    SID: I could see Piggy in them if it weren’t for the fact that his craggy, misshapen trotters would poke holes through the fabric.

    BETTY: How do you feel about women wearing fishnet suspender socks with heels?

    KAZ: Shoes and practical in the same breath?

    We need to talk.

  11. so then, poke your feet into them clad in hose...? or bare (ew stinkfoot gak gak)?

    both sets of brown heels, taken by themselves, are sooWEET. ixnay on the ox-ays though.

  12. Dear.


    At least it'll make it easier to identify those to be culled.

  13. *wallops SID*

    That cunt's only jealous because they don't make them in 'fat paddy' size.

  14. FN: And now for a little FZ…

    Ya know, my python boot is too tight
    I couldn't get it off last night
    A week went by, an' now its July
    I finally got it off
    An my girl-friend cry
    You got stink foot! stink foot, darlin'
    Your stink foot puts a hurt on my nose!
    Stink foot! stink foot! I ain't lyin,
    Can you rinse it off, d'you suppose?

    IVD: Round them up along with the Crocs wearers and send them to Shoe Hell.

    PIGGY: SID buys his shoes here.

  15. Maybe the target market are those amputees with prosthetic legs...or people who couldn't be bothered to shave their legs...or figure out how to match shoes and socks...

  16. I actually quite like them!

    Do they do them in a grey sock/brown leather sandal combo.

    For to wear to the beach, you know

  17. That is surely one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    I know, because it was in the Demi Moore movie.

  18. Those Stella Macartney monstrosities need banning.

    Stella looks like an alien with her weird oval head. She needs banning too.

  19. DINAH: If I see anyone wearing these, I'll have to make a citizen's arrest.

    SMUNTY: Actually, I picture you in a pump.

    T-BIRD: Or could it be IVD's Apocalypse Oven?!

    GARFY: I'd ban Heather Mills first.

    Then we can work on Macca and his spawn.

  20. I have many jumpers with shits included......too lazy to take em off properly.....those shoe things are fucking hideous........

  21. MANUEL: With an arse as hot as yours, you can wear whatever you damn well please.

    PEEVISH: Pair the shoes with shoulder pads and you're "power dressing."

  22. Manuel - 'I have many jumpers with shits included'?

    Really? Some of my underpants come like that, but then I buy mine second hand from the Help The Aged charity shop.

  23. SMUNTY: Does any of the money made at the Help The Aged charity shop actually go to helping Piggy and Tazzy?