Friday, February 22, 2008

Filthy Friday

Fed up with the amputee dating scene?

Tired of getting only half of what you bargained for?

Try an amputee sex doll.

Order yours today!


  1. I have a feeling that this post and the previous are somehow related.....

    Off to bed and trying to banish images from my little brain.

  2. Is this quadroplegiaphilia ? I have a vest like that - would you like a pic of me wearing it?

  3. Come on Macca, you can afford a different one every night.

  4. Geoff stole my answer!
    Great minds think alike.

    I'm quite impressed that the manufacturers managed to capture that 'when you're finished pull my nightie down' expression on the doll. They must have spent a fortune on R&D!

  5. That's one scary looking pussy on those dolls.

  6. Yikes!

    As if sex dolls weren't scary enough already

  7. NWT: I see you have a new avatar and all your limbs (at least the visible ones) appear to be intact.

    MUTLEY: Quadroplegiaphilia ? No, that was The Who.

    Send me the pic of you in the vest.

    Are you scratching your arse in the pic?

    GEOFF: Think of the legal bills Macca could have avoided.

    HOMEY: You need to get up earlier in the morning to top our Geoff.

    Well, not top literally. Unless there’s something you’re not telling us.

    Is that a Farah Fawcett flip you’re sporting?

    CONNIE: Scared of a little pussy?


    CYBERPOOF: See response to Connie.

    Okay, you have an excuse.

  8. That pussy is oddly well-delineated... And, why, may I ask, is she wearing glasses? Is missing 4 limbs not handicap enough? She's got to be blind, too?

  9. it would be a little more life like if it had some mustard stains on her wife beater(tank top). perhaps a bruise of two... do it have an anal feature? nothing like turning your plastic girlfriend around for round two!

  10. You know I am!

    Do they all look like that when they lose their limbs?

    Like someone pulling an emergency cord and *FLUFF*

    Protruding pussy galore?

    (and no I don't mean the Bond babe of yore)

  11. I'm not scared of pussy that looks natural.

    If your pussy looks like that MJ then see a doctor.

  12. however, if you're more the 'visual' type.....

  13. Why bother with arms and legs on a sex doll anyway?

  14. well someone has got to do this
    so it might as well be me!
    Are you ready


    GEDDIT ??

  15. PEEVISH: She has a hearing aid too.

    VOICES: If they made a sex doll in my image, it would have red wine stains all down the front.

    CYBERPOOF: You Danes could use them as inflatable rafts if you fall off your Viking ships.

    CONNIE: Is this yet another attempt on your part to see my Tunnel of Love?

    FN: That’s it.

    From now on I’m putting personalized tags on all my luggage to avoid mix-ups on the carousel.

    BOXER: Arms are necessary.

    How else is she supposed to bring you a beer?

    BEAST: What do you call a guy at your door with no legs and arms?


    GEDDIT ??

  16. We don't sail viking ships anymore

    We sail Fairline Squardron 58's around the world.

    Can you tell I've moved into the maritime industry?

  17. I'd have to be completely legless to consider an amputee.

  18. I think nwtrunner is right. That Piggy clone in the previous post was obviously having his wicked way with Violetta or her strangely sci-fi slitted sex doll looky-likey.

  19. CYBERPOOF: Do you wear your jaunty wee sailor cap to work?

    The one from your baby pic?

    GARFY: Don’t bother trying to get a leg over then.

    IVD: Ewww. Think of the ginger offspring.

  20. I'd rather not!

    * vomits *

    Oops. Too late...

  21. it could be better manufactured with a beer holder on its head or something... or a removable eye with beer tap...

  22. IVD: What have I told you people about vomiting on my blog?

    You can use Broom to clean up that mess!

    VOICES: Like this?

  23. Luckily I managed to vomit in upturned Brolly.

    Anyway, it was your fault, you put the image in my mind!

  24. I had a guppy that looked like that.

    When I said had.......oh never mind.

  25. I'd give an arm and a leg to see Garfy with the doll.

  26. IVD: Is that the same Brolly you had stuffed up your back passage over at yours?

    If I were you, I’d give that back passage a rest before you need reconstructive surgery.

    KNUDSEN: I hope you weren’t planning a family.

    Guppies eat their young.

    SID: The doll is hot for Garfy but can’t give an acknowledging “thumbs up.”

  27. Not only do her eyes close when she is being molested, but obviously her labia protrude so that the lovely man romancing her can't get it wrong.

    She has very nice hair, though.

    There's not really much to us when we don't have arms and legs, are there?

  28. this the crowning model? or the post partum one? or the post op tranny one? Was it inspired by Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan?

  29. T-BIRD: You might as well put a flashing neon arrow on her pudenda.

    BINGOWINGS: Please don’t say it sings too.

  30. I would imagine that the sort of kid who'd buy one of these would need a big neon sign pointing them in the right direction. Probably with bell and whistles...

    Isn't pudenda a weird word? Say that three times in front of a mirror and turn around.

  31. If you put all three of them in a pile of leaves, I could guess their last names - Russell

  32. T-BIRD: Pudenda, pudenda, pudenda.

    That felt good.

    FRONTIER: They could get jobs at IHOP.