Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Album Cover(s) of the Week


Legal Notice: Any resemblance of any characters to any Infomaniac readers is purely coincidental.


  1. Yay! First!

    * vomits *

    Ooog... I can't imagine which readers this would have any resemblance too...

  2. *sneaks away, rosary rattling faintly in the wayward wind*

  3. Look at that porker, no not that one.

  4. Lovely to see auld SID in his hippy days.

    He used to be a backing vocalist for Pink Floyd. That's why Syd went mad.

  5. 'eavy Metal Thunder!

    Heavy metal discos are the most depressing places on earth. I think the pig wants to go home.

  6. IVD: Wasn’t the pig your familiar before he was usurped by Beaky?

    FN: That’s not your rosary rattling.

    Your timing chain is worn, man. Replace it!

    KNUDSEN: How would you like your eggs with that?

    GARFY: SID really gave it his all in "Great Gig in the Sky,” dontcha think?

    Did SID emit the same wail at Syd’s funeral?

    PIGGY: Poor wee Piggy only if he was subjected to their tunes.

    GEOFF: Because he has trotters, the pig can’t make the devil horns gesture.

    PIGGY: ibid.

  7. relatives of yours?

  8. You've drunk all that Jamieson's haven't you?

  9. GEO: They married into the family so that doesn’t count.

    KAZ: Did you come here looking for hooch?

    What do you think this place is? A speakeasy?

    *peeps through peephole, slides open secret panel and asks Kaz for secret password*

  10. yea alright its a fair cop , its me in the habit and heels

  11. Looking at your previous post, are you sure one of the photos isnt the 'Beast' himself?

  12. I was never familiar with that pig!

    Who does the walrus belong to?

  13. I never realized that Randy Bachmann was still recording and being so organic.

    I will never be able to get this image out of my mind. When He sings " Taking Care of Business.'

    Greetings from the East.

  14. Pigs are smarter than Dogs (atleast in France pffft!) and they have very sensitive skin.

    Spider Pig Spider Pig,
    Can he swing from a web,
    No he can't,
    He's a Pig...

  15. I loaned Beast my wimple for the shoot. bitch returned it with a big ol stain too.

  16. *thud* That was the sound of me dropping my lappy 2000 to run off to the store and get Beast's awesome music.

    I hope it's as good as the cover sleeves.

  17. BEAST: I didn't recognize you without the stained anorak.

    HANTSANDY: I'm not used to seeing his frontal view.

    IVD: Isn't the walrus your "date" for this evening?

    SMUNTY: Pig wee?

    That explains the smell of ammonia wafting this way.

    TARF: B-B-B-Baby you just ain't seen n-n-n-nothing yet.

    LORD T: Could you lend the pig your wig to protect his sensitive skin?

    Or have you had it sent out to the cleaners?

    FN: That's not a yogurt stain, is it?

    T-BIRD: You and your lappy will soon be happy.

  18. Who's the hot nun?

  19. MYTOES & PIGGY: It's Beast.

    Dressing in womens' clothing has become a habit with him.