Saturday, October 03, 2009

Don Draper Day

Mistress MJ declares this Don Draper Day ... again.

We realize that some of you would rather see nekkid old men or scantily clad women but Mistress MJ is taking a "me" day.

Because it's not always about you, you know.

Note: Mistress MJ has been a little under the weather and has not popped 'round to visit all of you yet. That is why Sundays were invented.


  1. Oh I am VERY happy to gaze at Mr Don Draper.


  2. Donn Dapper?

    [fluffs Mistress MJ's pillows]

    Nighty nite!

  3. *sigh* I could have first, but I was staring at the picture and forgot to post a comment.

    OK, that's just not true, but I get why you needed a little time with the Dapper.

    **puts a mint on the freshly fluffed pillow"

    Hai XL!

  4. There are no words for me to express my appreciation of this picture.
    I intend to watch every episode of it again as soon as I get home.
    Don't you think all the best guys are on TV now - rather than in the movies.

  5. Why haven't I watched this show? Especially after your last Don Draper post.

    * moves weather away from Mistress MJ *

  6. Be careful. When the cat's away, all the boys come out to play.

    I like him. Can we get a nude photo of him, please?

  7. don looks better in clothes than out.

  8. Ummmm...not my cup of coffee I'm afraid. But it's what ever floats your boat.

    Now Robert Downey Jr...

    I'll be licking the screen.

  9. He is haunted by his past
    He gets your knickers down fast
    Don Draper

  10. He floats my boat too Roses!

    And now we are talking Jr's there is also Harry Connick Jr.


  11. Roses - were you and I separated at birth? Robert Downey Jr.......

  12. Yes he is lovely - but better without clothes obviously, I'm sure you can sort it - don't they have porn-alikes?

  13. I am happier now I've visited you.

  14. ...oh I like Harry Connick too, Pete.

  15. BITCHES: Thank you for coming out on this fine Saturday.

    However, as part of Mistress MJ taking a “me” day, she will not be personally responding to each and every comment here today.

    Nonetheless, we would like to ask MISS NORMADESMOND to email us a photo of a nude Don Draper so that WE may be the judge of whether he looks better IN his clothes rather than out.

    We would like to extend our special thanks to GEOFF who has astounded us with his poetic nature yet again. Note how Geoff is able to summarize the true nature of Don Draper in three simple lines. Genius, Geoff.

    The rest of you bitches…Infomaniac returns to you, you, you on Sunday.

    See you then, bitches.

  16. CyberPete and Boxer, I confess if I've had a hard day, or feel the need for totty I re-watch the Iron Man dvd...

    mmmm...Robert Downey Jr...

    Harry Connick Jr has certainly improved with age.

    *runs to get MJ a glass of wine and some dark chocolate*

  17. I swoon over Harry Connick Jr in Hope Floats.

    He is just sooooo dreamy!

  18. Enjoy your day with the Mad Man!

  19. Roses - I have saved on my tivo a biography of Robert Downey Jr..... it's a treasure chest of pictures. Matter of fact, I think I know what I'll be doing for the next hour or so.......

  20. What a dreadful picture....he looks a bit of a potato head :-)