Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Snatch

Infomaniac takes no responsibility for the content of today’s posting.

This photograph was sent to Mistress MJ by one of our very own Infomaniac readers.

The bitch in question asked us not to reveal his identity. Let’s be clear, though, that the pic was submitted by a man; not any of The Women of Infomaniac who are genteel and refined.

(click pic for maximum thrill)


  1. Oh, my gawd! That's just horrible! Who the hell gave her a Britney Spears!?!

  2. ummmm.... are you taking submissions then?

  3. Oh my eyes are burning. My retinas are damaged. That horrible image has been forever etched. Now I know what I look like naked. Oh what a sad, sad, day.

  4. Is this one of the whales Donnnn was posting about?

  5. The photographer clearly has an eye for composition and proportion.

    I imagine that the model usually rents herself out as a bouncy castle for children's birthday parties.

  6. oh that's disgusting! Why oh why!

  7. Dearest MJ, I must protest! I've just had my breakfast and I didn't want to bring it up again so soon.

  8. Okay... I own up. Mistress MJ made me take this snap of her while we were playing dress up. She likes me to dres up as her eunich, which suits me fine. There is no hardship in maintaining a "Mr Softy" when faced with MJ doing her very realistic 'Jabba the Hut' impression.

    I will say in her defence, this is quite an old piccie, taken when she was a lot slimmer.

  9. And what a horrid green piece of furniture!

    No wonder she's been comforting herself with food. Although she could just have thrown out the item and kept her size zero figure.

  10. EROS: How do you know its not a Paris Hilton?

    VOICES: Not if they're all like that!

    Perhaps one day I'll solicit submissions from all of you and post the results but we all need to recup from this one first.

    CECILE: I'm still getting over the shock of you missing Filthy Friday.

    PONYGIRL: It's not that smart.

    GARFY: We could have used a bouncy castle for Kapi's blogiversary.

    When's YOUR birthday, by the way?

    CYBERPOOF: If only the bitch who emailed this could tell us why!

    BILLY: Oh here we go again...

    another blog barfer.

    BOLLIX: Listen, Mr. Softy, I don't think your voice is high enough.

    *gives Bollix's bollix a firm twist*

    CYBERPOOF: Shall we call Colin and Justin?

  11. What did I tell you about posting pictures of my mother?

  12. Ha Ha Ha I love the way her little face is peeping over the maontain of flesh

  13. Didn't I just see her in the synchronised swimming?

  14. yuck yuck yuck tatally nast snatchy ewwwwww. get it out of my mind.

  15. If only, eh?

    Well if we do call Colin & Justin we might get IDV back.

    It's up to you.

  16. **walks in, mumbles something about number 16, checks out picture, picks up coffee, walks out**

  17. Excuse me, I think I've, er, left the iron on.

    [runs away]

  18. Oh jeez, that is soooooo awful. Now if it was the desert island situation..... Oh my God. I know I am a fattist, but I just can't help it!

  19. MAXI: Yer MA!

    BEAST: You wouldn’t think she’s so cute if I told you she’s French Canadian.

    GEOFF: Synchronized swimming?

    I don’t think so.

    She’s not smiling, is she?

    RICH: Left a bad taste in your mouth, did it?

    CYBERPOOF: What do you think has happened to IVD?

    I’m a little concerned. But only a little, of course.

    BOXER: 16th?

    How can you even show your face here today?


    KAPI: When did you start oiling your abs?

    TOM: I bet you clicked to make it bigger though, didn’t you?

  20. I've been musing about that over at his place.

    If he doesn't surface soon I'll have to start a campaign

  21. Maybe the Russian Fleet has docked in Norwich :-)

  22. No, it was the far better looking 'Straylian fleet, Beast!

    Oh, if only that wasn't a lie...

    And what a day to return to Blogworld: Saturday Snatch. Thanks MJ. I wish I'd stayed away longer.

  23. Just came back from a 32 km run to open up MJ's blog and see this - for some reason I'm now hearing in my mind "Whole Lotta Love" and it just seems very, very wrong...

    Again, I have no idea where you find this stuff, but I'll take Knudsen's hot weemen pics any day.

    I may have to go back out and run some more to try to get this image out of my mind.

  24. dead sexy

    see i'm going for a minimalist response to your maximalism

  25. i need another drink to erase that image....

  26. CYBERPOOF: Yay! IVD is back!

    The moody bitch.

    BEAST: I’m sure yours is the correct answer.

    IVD: Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?

    But could you post a simple comment saying you were PMS-ing?

    No, you couldn’t be bothered, could you?

    I’ve a feeling Beast was right about the Russian fleet.

    NWT: Not even Led Zeppelin can help you now.

    LEAH: Very Zen of you.

    SAVANNAH: I’ll drink to that.

  27. My goodness (yes, there is some), many things I can think of, one is I wonder what she pays somebody to do a wax job on that amount of real estate?

  28. Message to woman in picture.
    "Yep ... It's still under there and looks to be functionable."
    Ok she put her legs down now.