Friday, August 08, 2008

Filthy Friday

Bigger than a change purse.

Big enough to use as a handbag, really, isn’t it?...

(click if you need it bigger)

Any other uses?


  1. uh. er. umh.

    I need to leave.

    Damn, I missed firsty by 11 minutes.

  2. BOB: I bet you wet your gunties when you saw it.

    BOXER: It's guntie-sniffers like Bob who spoil your firsties.

  3. Handbag!?! Don't you mean trash bag!!!

    Good lawd! That thing qualifies as luggage! Not the carry-on kind, but the checked-in kind!

    The shirt looks nice though. It almost pulls away the attention from her vaGiant!

  4. EROS: And did you notice it's an ORANGE shirt?

    Like IVD's orange shirt?

    Do you suppose this is what IVD would look like if he got a sex change and gained a hundred pounds?

  5. I'd leave a comment, but I just remembered that I need to pull my truck into the garage.

  6. MJ, it would have to be at least a 200 lbs gain to get those rolls! Not to mention transplanting the vagina of a blue whale!

  7. CSI: Beep beep beep...wide load!

    EROS: Well, you have to admit that IVD's been baking and eating a lot of cake lately.

    AND he secretly has a front bottom.

  8. Hmmm....I think I need to minimize this screen quickly!

  9. It looks like its trying to say something !!! can anyone lip read

  10. Oi! You got the exclusive first promo picture from Paris Hiltons new purse line?

  11. for a moment i was about to say ..

    'NO mj, HNT was yesterday'

    and then i scrolled down just a little bit further.

    Not just filthy, but freaky.

  12. I do NOT have a front bottom!

    I can't tell you how quickly I scrolled down to get to the comments. I didn't see the Thing for long, but it felt like an eternity.

    I think I'm going to pass out...

  13. Queen of the airport smugglers.

  14. That thing could eat you and not in a way that would be anything like a plesant experience.

    Flaps in your lap much????


  15. ROBYN: “Filthy Friday”

    The clue is in the title.

    BEAST: Is it trying to convey an important message?

    Translate for us, oh Beastly one!

    CYBERPOOF: That’s not hot.

    CARNALIS: I’m running a halfway house for HNT rejects.

    IVD: *arranges IVD on chaise lounge with arm artfully draped across his fevered brow*

    *attempts to revive him from his case of the vapors with smelling salts and perhaps a bit of cake*

    KAPI: How many illegal aliens are on board?

    DORA: You don’t like to eat her with your little mouth?

  16. I think someone should look into some good razors and do a little landscaping.


  17. Sweet Jaysus Kriste, thats the most repulsive looking crotch I've ever seen. Don't suppose you have her phone number at all?

    Great blog.... love it!

  18. Talk about your mudflaps...

    Forget razors, that woman needs a scalpel and a very talented plastic surgeon.

  19. It's nothing less than a glorious monument to Woman. Let's have it bronzed and I've got connections with the public art fund!

    Or, alternately, the Coney Island side show is looking for something more than mere fire-eating and tattoos...

  20. i think i see a hand trying to grab ahold of something to climb out of it...

    *wishes he had not seen the photo and thinks happy thoughts*

  21. I dread to think what it looks like when she is walking upstairs

  22. CATSCRATCH: There’s isn’t a weed whacker powerful enough.

    BOLLIX: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I think we’re going to get on fine.

    I’m basing this not only upon your blog content, but on the fact that your name is Bollix: one of my favourite words.

    Bollix! Bollix! Bollix!

    See what I mean?

    Unfortunately, you can’t date her as she’s not a client with the Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service.

    PEEVISH: Or a hair braiding stylist.

    HEFF: GAAAAAHHHH is HAG backwards.

    LEAH: She’s a modern-day Venus of Willendorf.

    VOICES: Do you see a helmet with a light on it in there?

    Beast has been spelunking again.

    BEAST: As Jack Lemmon said to Tony Curtis as he watched Marilyn Monroe walking in “Some Like It Hot”…

    “Like Jell-O on springs”.

  23. Neither is Paris Hiltons purse line.

  24. *oddly back for more, our hero speaks again*

    "wots it got in its pocket, my precious*

  25. CYBERPOOF: Neither is Paris Hilton.

    VOICES: What are you?

    A hand puppet?

  26. Beasts caption competition...

    No MJ I said flash the C A S H

    Gedditttt ?????????

  27. Touché!

    Thank fuck she left Copenhagen today.

    Why would anyone wanna make it any bigger?

  28. BEAST: Godditttt!

    I see the wee torch on your helmet helped you find your way out of the cave.

    What an ordeal.

    Do you have anything to say to our news crew?

    CYBERPOOF: If you mention her name here again, I'm going to get the woman in the photo to sit on your face.

  29. Geez Louise, that thing is gonna bite me!


  30. I'd totally fill that up. Imagine her sitting there thinking how hot she is as her husband snaps away.


    sheesh, hand puppet. no i was impersonating the c.g. version of golum.....

    *squints eyes and frowns at mj*

  32. RANDOM: If you reverse the letters in “YAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and add an “O” to the front of it, you’ve got “OKAY” …

    This indicates to me that you like it. You really, really like it.

    KNUDSEN: Yes, because of your large shoe size, I’m sure your boot WOULD get lost up there.

    CYBERPOOF: Maybe you want to use some of that sealant on that hole before Beast gets himself lost in there again.

    VOICES: Is there a CG version of Inner Voices?

    If so, I am powering off.

    Oh dear, can't see you now.

  33. Well as long as I don't have to get anywhere near it.

  34. i'm still here.... you just cant see me now... i dont know which would be worse...

  35. CYBERPOOF: Caulking gun provided.

    VOICES: Ouch!

    Someone goosed me!

  36. Ach, I lost my courage ...

  37. *throws voice to get mj to look the other way. checks her for "spilled yogurt"

  38. *snaps IV's bra strap and hides under the table with a vodka tonic*

  39. ahem... "its not a bra... its a bro, you know a supporter for men" thank you very much!!!!

    i wonder what kind of support system the woman/thing in mjs photo wears. couldnt be standard issue...

    *pretends not to see random chick and passes gas under table while bending over to tie shoe*

  40. MAGO: Perhaps your courage is lost somewhere in there but I wouldn't advise going in without protection.

    VOICES & RANDOM: Shut up. I'm getting ready to go out for the evening and I don't need your nattering as a distraction. I'll be home early, no doubt, thanks to SATANIC CRAMPS FROM HELL. I want a refund on my uterus.

    *snatches vodka tonic from Random and lights a match to eliminate foul odor from Voices*

    *accidentally singes off eyebrows*

  41. GAH

    I didn't think anything could turn me off of the bag of Cheetos I was just eating, but that did it.

  42. I'm using remote net access and this pic pops up - there were small children around, how embarrassing!

  43. omfg you never cease to amaze me!

  44. PRU: Cheetos?

    Do you want to end up like Britney Spears?

    RICH: Always a pleasure when you drop in.

    ISTVANSKI: Just tell them it’s a hairy handbag.

    DAISY: But it’s not as amazing as if I could bend spoons with my mind.

    I’m still working on that.

  45. I'll thank you not to post any more pictures of my mother.

  46. mj...i've been practicing bending things with my mind...will have to let you know how that works out...ummm now where is beast?

  47. *vomits entire contents of body up*

    You filthy cunt.

  48. MAXI CANE: Must have been an easy birth.

    DAISY: Beast has gone into hiding lest Mr C drag him out of there for kitchen slave duty.

    PIGGY: I'm sure your vomiting was triggered from eating at Smunty's for the last few days.

  49. That's a crime against vaginas. And pubic hair. No wonder she can't groom - she's too fat to reach down.

  50. T-BIRD: Well don’t just stand there with those hedge clippers in your hand.

    Help her out!