Friday, August 29, 2008

Filthy Friday

Well now that we’ve got the filth portion out of the way, let’s get down to some blog business, shall we?

Happy Birthday, Billy!

Join me in wishing a happy 29th birthday to our little Billy in West London.

Everyone help yourself to a nice slice of Billy’s birthday cake.

I’ll ask you all not to do anything naughty with the cakes.

Party Plans

You’re all invited to stop by on the weekend as Infomaniac celebrates a Summer's End Party.

Bring your swimsuits and snorkels.

See you there!


  1. Happy Birthday, Billy!

    I'll bring the bleach...for the sofa and the pool...

  2. Um, back to the first that his orgasm face or his '3 more years til I get my green card' face?

  3. Happy Birthday Billy.

    I think the guy in the first pic is holding back a great big CAKE FART ready to do the honours on Billy's cake.

    Has Inner voices been pissing in the pool again , its a very strange colour
    ****splashes Bingowings bleach around the pool ****

  4. How spooky.. thats just how I picture us together Mistress MJ. You sitting naked on my lap while I'm scrotum deep in your front bottom. The only thing is.. if I was to plug your chocolate starfish how would you breathe?

    Happy Birthday Billy, don't whatever you do, eat the cake!

  5. Cake farts are a suitable birthday activity.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

  6. Happy birthday, Billy!

    Tell betty to cut those cake slices a bit thicker, the mean cow.

  7. Hey MJ, I found you on Mu's blog, and I think I saw you commenting on Jungle Jane's blog.

    Anyway, I think that guy's got Coyote face.

  8. happy birthday billy...cake and all :)

  9. EROS: They’ve both been red-carded.

    BEAST: I’m not surprised to find you splashing Bingowings in the pool in light of the fact that you’ve been “poking” Hal.

    BOLLIX: Are ye throu?

    BILLY: I hope your birthday party here was everything you expected it to be.

    Have fun at the pub!

    IVD: Put your tongue back in your head.

    I am still recuperating from that grotesque pic of you on your blog.

    HAL: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    I haven’t visited JJ in ages but yes, that was me on Miss Mu’s blog.

    I see you’ve been “poking” Beast.

    And all this time he claimed he didn’t swing that way.

    DAISY: Hope your slice was nice.

  10. Nope.. I'm not through yet, but I'll keep poking until I can see daylight down there.

  11. BOLLIX: Come oan, get aff!

  12. Rastaman looks somewhat perturbed.

    Sorry, I won't be able to make it to your party, I'm scared of verrucas.

    Happy birthday Billy.

  13. GARFY: A veruca or a case of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

    Looks nasty, doesn’t it?

  14. that's disgusting!

    I scrolled past the first picture too quickly apparently. I thought it was two women and I'm not brave going back for another look.

    Clean your pool you lazy cow and add more water.

    Happy birthday Billy!

  15. That's just put me off pools indefinitely MJ.

    I'd love to come to your party MJ but the ferry traffic will be horrible this weekend.

  16. CYBERPOOF: *makes note to post pic of two nekkid women next Friday just for CyberPoof*

    PISSOFF: The ferry traffic is always horrible!

    I would never even dip a toe in a public pool.

    The public are filthy germ-laden carriers of disease.

  17. Ew please no!

    On closer inspection I see the difference.

    Who buys such ugly sofas?

  18. Are there gators in that pool? I'm not going in there....

  19. birthday eh? yeah happy happy and all that...

    *zips up after filling pool*

    have a happy birthday billy!

  20. That photo brings a whole new meaning to Salt N' Pepper...ewww.

    Happy Birthday Billy!

    And I'm with Pony Girl, I'm so not going in that pool. I'll just guzzle some vodka with the dog.

  21. Don't know which I'd rather do if I had to choose and a gun was pointing at my head - swim in the pool or watch the cake farts video again.

    The stuff of which nightmares are made.

  22. Happy Birthday Billy!

    I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life in achieving the same perfection and those slices of cake. Who can cut like that? Of course, I'd eat 10 of them, but still.

    And - Happy Friday!

  23. CYBERPOOF: Let’s red-card the sofa while we’re at it.

    PONYGIRL: No gators.

    This is Canada, after all.

    It’s full of beavers.

    VOICES: Jump in everyone!

    The waters warm!

    RANDOM: I’ll have the pool cleaned up by tomorrow in time for the party IF Voices stays away.

    What is this “dog guzzling” of which you speak?

    BETTY: You simply MUST drop by the pool party.

    I’ve purchased a special pool accessory just for you!

    BOXER: *resists urge to point out that you’re number 22 today*

  24. *hides in backyard waiting for party to start*

  25. Definately!

    Question, the reason why he's got that facial expression is because he's got something brown stuck under his fingernails?

  26. I am not worthy of the number one spot this week - too tired. Eroswings wins.

  27. VOICES: *notices trail of orange Cheetos dust leading to hiding place*

    CYBERPOOF: You’ll have bamboo shoots under yours if you don’t behave yourself.

    BOXER: Eros must have a pretty big, um, ego that needs stroking if he has to be number one all the time.

  28. So the one that was left in Milli Vanilli took consolation in their only groupie!

  29. GEOFF: Girl, you know it's
    Girl, you know it's
    Girl, you know it's


    *sulks off, not looking back*

    "didnt want to come to the party anyway"

    *leaves empty bag of cheetos in mjs pool*

  31. I'd stroke Bingowings big ego anytime

  32. That looks tasty! Unlike the cake... I have seen that man in one of Mr beasts smuttty movies which he puts on Fridays...

  33. *sneaks back in through bushes, leaves fake trail of crumbs to mjs back door*

  34. On Spanish dial up can't do pics.
    So I'm still pure as the driven snow.
    Seeya tomorrow if I can get a hot spot!

  35. Beavers can bite too. I'll join Random Chick at poolside with the dog and the vodka.

  36. Happy Birthday to Billy!

    Also, loving eros' green card call. It's most definitely his green card face.

  37. Holy fuck, MJ ! Where do you find this shit ? I was laughing my ass off at Cake FART !!

  38. Being a microbiologist, I can actually identify Pseudomonas by it's smell. My swimming pool looked like that when I first moved into this house. When we looked at the house it was crystal clear, but they moved out a month before we moved in, and they turned the pumps off and the algea had an orgie and multiplied faster than rabits.

    Oh happy birthday Billy, even though I don't know who you are.

  39. Oh by the way, I was like number 37 and number 38. nananananana

  40. BITCHES: Thanks to all the bitches who commented this afternoon.

    Time doesn't allow me to respond to you personally as I'm planning your damn pool party.

    I see several of you have new posts up and I'll get round to them tomorrow.

  41. I predict instant karma for the Gentleman in the first picture who is so unselfishly 'Takeeng one for da team Mon!'

  42. DONNNNN: We need more team players like that.