Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hard Graft Ahead

Starting today, Mistress MJ is undertaking a new work project that will see her toiling away for the next 12 days.

That’s right. Not a day off until August 28th.

What does this mean for you, bitches?

It means I may or may not get ‘round to everyone’s blog.

It means that my posts from now ‘til August 28 may or may not be crap.

It means that I may or may not have time to join you each and everyday in witty repartee in the comments section.

And that my responses may be shorter and more to the point. e.g. ”right”; “no, that’s shite”; “you’re a wanker”, etc.

So please be patient as I my bust my arse.

And know that I am thinking of you even if I appear to be aloof.

If you need something to keep your hands busy in the meantime, why not click here to listen to Old Knudsen sing a cut from his new CD?


  1. awwww, sorry you gotta work MJ. But that's not what I came here to say


  2. Are you going to start being witty then?

  3. I heard yer arse was busted years ago by Ken Barlow.

  4. Will you be hard at work writing duets with Knudsen?

    It'll be just like the Carpenters.

  5. This is simply not good enough.

    Just think of all the time I need to devote to idling. Yet I still manage to blog.

  6. BOXER: Yay.

    CYBERPOOF: Right.

    KNUDSEN: You’re a wanker.

    GARFER: He’s writing a tender love ballad for me.

    You don’t deserve this long response.

    KAZ: You bone idle cunt.

  7. Wow, you were right about the responses.

    I'm pretty sure that ballad is for ME, but you'll be working so much you won't have time to hang around Old K's, fawning over him, tossing panties. Tooooo bad.

    I got nothing but time.

    tick. tick. tick

  8. You're full of shite, you couldn't be arsed to blog because you're too busy with my bronzed cock that I sent you!

  9. BOXER: If you’ve got nothing but time, why don’t you post something new?


    I am Old Knudsen’s muse.

    Get used to singing this song.

    MAXI: I’m a sucker for Irish cock but you're an Irish cocksucker.

    KAZ: Naff off.

  10. I've never once sucked an Irish cock!!

  11. MAXI: They're lovely dipped in Guinness.

  12. I agree with Kaz.

    Make time. There are 24 hours a day. It can't be that difficult. Surely.

  13. BOXER: You can't stand under my umbrella ella ella.

    CYBERPOOF: Oh go blow it out your arse.

  14. Listen bitch. Pony up why don't you.

    Anyway I've got a nice link for you

    NSFW though.

  15. So please be patient as I my bust my arse.

    I read that as "...burst my arse". Made me wonder what you job could possibly be.

    I mananged 20 seconds of Knudesn Cohen.

  16. Ella Fitzgerald?

    I was expecting The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald...

  17. Yes, well, I've listened to the Knudsen's fauxtube and it was something...

    You're right. Listening to that fauxtube recording kept my hands busy...pressed against my ears.

  18. are you getting paid? ;-)


  19. So you are doing the clubs?
    "Mistress MJ performing life in a barn near YOU!"
    Lucky bastids ...

  20. CYBERPOOF: Ha!!!

    I can set my clock to that.

    KAPI: When Old Knudsen goes gold, you’ll be crying into your beer.

    Remember, you heard him here first.

    XL: Nice Canadian content reference.

    EROS: “Most people wouldn't know music if it came up and bit them on the ass”
    --Frank Zappa

    SAVANNAH: Not enough.

    MAGO: How did you know I was raised as a country girl?

  21. Cocks and Guinness?

    Sounds like a cocktail!!!


    I really am fucking hilarious. Give me back my cock.

  22. MAXI: Stop! You're killing me!

    The cock says it wants to become a Canadian citizen.