Friday, August 22, 2008

Filthy Friday

Today’s Filthy Friday is dedicated to our Kapitano, who is celebrating his fourth blogiversary.

Double Hap-penis to you, Kapi!


  1. Is the Kapitan is checking out the masts? Careful you don't get sprayed in the Aye!

    The size of the belly is inversely proportional to the size of the penis.

  2. And it would appear the one on the left is carrying quadruplets!

  3. This is one post I'm OK with being Third.

    I'm so tired, I'm seeing double?

    *rubs eyes leaves before I realize what I'm looking at**

  4. That belly on the right is just so wierd , it's up in the air and lumpy . the one on the left is just grotesque . But all said and sone Captain Birdseye seems to be enjoying himself

  5. Someone needs to stop shopping for clothes at Walmart.

  6. Shiver me timbers, what an ugly bastard.

  7. Those poor men are going to get beard burn.

  8. Oh thank you! And so appropriate!

    However did you know how I celebrated my blogiversary? A 3 in a bed all-night funfest with a bloke 1.388 times my age and his vague friend.

    I was going to post pics, but now I don't need to :-).

    Oh how ever did you know?

  9. Oh my God mj.
    I've got the gas man in today.

  10. I bet he looked just like that KAZ

    The gas men I've had over did

  11. the very epitome of filthy friday

  12. those penii seem strangely un-enthused. You would hope they would make some effort, what with it being his bloggiversary and all.

    (spell checker does not like me today - was it something i said?)

  13. this gives me an interesting thought for the training today...lmao...

  14. EROS: You’re late for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    BOXER: Late by 24 minutes.

    You’re not on top of your game anymore, are you?

    BEAST: You have no appreciation of the male form in all its infinite variety.

    CYBERPOOF: That cheap fabric is chafing.

    GARFY: And a ginger, on top of it!

    MAXI: Better beard burn than diaper rash.

  15. KAPI: How did I know how you celebrated?

    You might say I’m psychic.

    It’s a gift.

    KAZ: You’ve got the gas man in today?

    That’s a porn scene plot if I ever heard one!

    CYBERPOOF: See comment to Kaz.

    Frankly, I’m not surprised you’ve reenacted the same scene several times over.

    MANUEL: Ta, Manuel.

    I do my best so that you may reap the benefits.

    CARNI: They’re just camera shy.

    DAISY: You’re going to lead them around by the hose?

  16. circumsized, uncircumsized, it's a multi-culti free-for-all!

  17. "The gas man commeth" ?

    I don't really care if it's chafing, we who look that way should not expose it for the world to see.

  18. I don't cheat and use a fancy programs that TELLS me when someone has posted. No, I'm doing it old school.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Oh my God. You're losing me here, MJ !!

  21. *speechless* I was going to say open mouthed, but I know how your filthy mind works, Ms MJ.

  22. Hopes Kaz doesnt mean the type of gas we witnessed during the terrible Cake Farts debacle

  23. gah... why is it never anything ALL of us can enjoy... there must be something ALL of us might think about and smile for the rest of the afternoon...

    seems staged... no one is really enjoying themselves in the pic... perhaps he is the fluffer for a film they are getting ready to shoot.

  24. No need for us to buy gifts for Kapitano ... MJ you got the task well in hand.

  25. The NHS is getting worse by the minute.

  26. Now that's a mouthful!

    Happy blogoversary Kapitano!

    MJ, I'm curious did you find your way out of the Turdus or did you fall into IV's sewage pit?

  27. Just as you promised, MJ.

    You DO stick to your word, indeed. Thanks for the warning though!

  28. where the hell has mj been all afternoon? working no less...

    *slams office doors on way outside and searches under seat of truck for emergency beer saved for just this occasion*

  29. Poor granddad seems disoriented, lost in belly fat. It's yellowish-green an op-nurse once told me.
    Sometimes it would be nice to "format brain:".

  30. and here i was starting to feel better! jaysus, thanks a whole fucking lot, sugar! (xoxox anyway)

  31. LEAH: Your pick o’ the dicks!

    CYBERPOOF: Tell that to the guy across from me on public transit this evening.

    BOXER: Let’s see how you do tonight.

    HEFF: You’re lost?

    Since you’re a man, you won’t ask for directions, will you?

    BOLLIX: What am I thinking now?

    BEAST: Kapi’s baked a number of cakes for his blogiversary.

    I should head back over to his blog and have my way with them.

    VOICES: I’ll give you something you can cuddle up to on Saturday.

    JOE: I had them in the palm of my hand.

  32. KNUDSEN: Dual inoculations.

    Surely one of them was meant for somebody else.

    RANDOM: Where did the “Chick” go in “Random Chick”?

    Have you had a sex change?

    Or do you randomly select your gender when you get up out of bed in the morning?

    WW: I deliver.

    VOICES: Yes, working with a guy nearby who was watching me from a mirror on his desk.

    Perv or just nosey?

    You decide.

    In any case, I couldn’t risk opening my blog.

    MAGO: Remind me to keep my weight under control since all my clothing would clash with yellowish-green.

    SAVANNAH: Like Old Knudsen said, “The NHS is getting worse by the minute.”

    PRU: The Penis Challenge…a variation on the Pepsi Challenge.

  33. Is this how gay guys reward each other on their birthdays?

  34. RICH: I couldn't say.

    You'll have to consult with Old Knudsen.

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