Friday, August 15, 2008

Filthy Friday

(Click pic to enhance your viewing pleasure)


  1. Just popped by to say HI! Oh and to look at some penisessss. Thanks! :)

    What's up with the Frickin Green Elf Shorts anyway???

  2. Oh. My. God.

    First, I get to see penises galore on this here blog, then I notice to my surprise and've added me to the infamous blog roll!!! I feel all tingly inside. My nipples are fit to burst (you know me and my rock-hard nips)!!!!

    Love you MJ!!!

  3. OLGA: It’s always a pleasure to keep you abreast of the situation so here it is…

    The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts are still with CyberPete in Denmark.

    He hasn’t held the Competition yet.

    For all we know, The Shorts could be tied to the mast of a Viking ship and we’d be none the wiser.

    Or mopping the sweat from a randy Dane’s brow in a Copenhagen bathhouse.

    Who knows?

    Watch this space for updates.

    RANDOM: What is the plural of penis?




    You couldn’t have been paying much attention to them otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed your name on the BlogRoll.

    And don’t get your nipples all a-tingle over it because it could all change overnight.

    Mistress MJ gives with one hand and taketh away with the other.

  4. I am just relieved that the participants in this weks filthy Friday are under 80 and have take their socks off


    No, it’s not Old Knudsen.

    Guess again.

    BEAST: You can’t see what they’re doing but they are, in fact, orally servicing the sock-clad over-80s.

    Perhaps I can find a photo from the other angle for next week!

  6. It's the gymnastic rings event at the
    Gay Games!

  7. No, it's the new event synchronised penises!

  8. Verr surprising pictreu Like of gay mens buggering?

  9. Are they identical triplets?

  10. cocks and assholes on friday...are you trying to tell me something prior to going into work today?

  11. No. Clicked it and it just looked worse. Can I have my money back?

  12. Well...well! Love this shot for sure! And all the penises went wee...wee...wee...all the way home! It's like when they show dogs, but in this case men's penises!!! The one on the far right would be the best in show!

  13. "Jackass 3 - Paintball target practice".

  14. Hard dicks.

    Now I'm thinking about everything I don't have in my life. Fuck.

  15. Um, I'll return on a different day....

  16. This isn't filthy. This is actually quite pleasant.

    Now, if they hadn't wiped - That would be filthy! And not good-filthy.

  17. EROS: Let’s hope they don’t all come down with the dreaded “Ring of Fire”!

    T-BIRD: Synchronized penises?

    I’m holding my breath in anticipation of this event!

    MS.DONG: I can’t be buggered to answer that question.

    Ms. Dong must make her own deductions.

    By the way, I noticed you’ve added Chinese deep-fried balls in hot garlic sauce to your menu.


    KAZ: Identical triplets?

    Obviously you haven’t spent enough time studying this photo to notice the subtle differences.

    You’re slipping, Kaz.

    DAISY: That would be “dicks” and assholes.

    BBB: You can have your money back.

    Send me your bank account details and I’ll make a deposit.

    And your credit card number while you’re at it.

  18. ROBYN: I trust you took your judging duties seriously and checked to see that they’re not silicone testicles?

    MAXI: I suggest you get out of the line of fire.

    FROBI: Tame, perhaps, in comparison to your weekends spent “cottaging” throughout Dorset.

    May I post that pic of you in the public lav?

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture the smell of stale piss for our reader’s to live vicariously through you.

    CATSCRATCH: Would you like to become a client of The Fag, Hag and the Odd Slag Dating Service?

    HEFF: What makes you think tomorrow will be another day?

    IVD: Well thank you very much for taking the filth UP a notch!

  19. Has any one else noticed how the butholes follow you round the room ?

  20. It took me a minute to see what I was looking at. Am I a naïf?

  21. Barsearama yer post out does mine for being disgusting well done.

  22. VOICES: Three’s a crowd but four’s a party.

    Care to join in?

    BEAST: The buttholes following you around the room is not their only trick.

    If you pull on their willies, the buttholes sing!

    Yay for The Singing Buttholes!

    LEAH: No, you’re not blind.

    You just need a new prescription.

    KNUDSEN: Nothing beats Old Knudsen singing his greatest hits collection on CD.

    Not even The Singing Buttholes.

  23. That's the best Filthy Friday ever!!

    Thanks so much.

  24. so with four we can play a game of tapioca twister then?

  25. CYBERPOOF: You can show your thanks by sending a monetary donation.

    VOICES: Mmmm...rice pudding.

  26. i guess that would make a good dipping sauce then.

  27. VOICES: G'won.

    Show us your dipstick.

  28. after my long week, this is exactly what I needed.


  29. I don't think so dear. Afterall you have put us all through some really disgusting stuff

  30. VOICES: Well at least a butt shot, then.

    BOXER: Don't speak to me of long work weeks.

    Tomorrow begins a 12-day in a row stretch for me.

    I'll need more than a trio of buttholes when I'm through.

    CYBERPOOF: And you keep coming back for more.

  31. ....does anyone else hear that whistling sound? its like, whenever the wind blows the right way, theres this 'woooooooooo' kind of


  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. i DO love a well-toned perineum.

  34. OK, you can keep Pool Boy then. Fine.

  35. NATIONS: You're not whistlin' Dixie.

    As for the perineum, just call a barse a barse.

    BOXER: OK?

    Why does everyone keep making references to Old Knudsen (OK)?

    Is it because he just released his new CD?

  36. I never thought I'd see my dad again.

  37. My, what BIG DONGERS they have!!

  38. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder right? I came here for filthy friday and wasn't disappointed. Nice pic, clean assholes.

  39. CRUMP: Your dad?

    Oh yes, I see the resemblance.

    KOOKABURRA: There’s nothing wrong
    With a giant dong
    But I’m sure you’ve known that
    All along.

    CECILE: I knew a trio of long dongs would bring you out of hiding.

  40. cocks, dicks
    assholes, arseholes
    lets call the whole thing off...

  41. DAISY: Fine.

    Filthy Friday is canceled.

    I'm moving on to Saturday.

  42. so taut .. so tight .. off-putting. The angle of those cocks makes my eyes water.

    good luck with your *project* (wink, wink)

  43. CARNALIS: Ta. Don't get too close or you'll lose an eye.

  44. Sweet jaysus... not my cup of tea at all, but at least now I know what to get you for a gift.