Sunday, July 13, 2008

SID Goes to Fat Camp

SID, a kunty klown

Our Stupid Irish Daddy (SID) has finally returned from a grueling four-month stint of diet and exercise at Fat Camp.

SID on his way to Fat Camp

Four months is a long absence and Infomaniac's newer readers may not be familiar with SID.

So here's a little background.

SID hails from Northern Ireland, smells of boiled cabbage and Guinness farts, and is my Number One Bitch.

Did I mention he's a fat Irish cunt?

Or to quote Monsieur Garfer, "Sid's arse is bigger than a Lambeg drum, and a tad less taut."

Drum pictured above: approximate size of SID’s fat arse

Do not, I repeat, do NOT click this link to look at SID’s pendulous moobs.

SID is a lard-arse of Brobdingnagian proportions and has tried every diet and exercise routine known to mankind, short of chopping off his head....a suggestion of mine that he didn't take kindly to.

Sadly, this paunchy, potato-munching, pot-bellied Paddy had become such a behemoth, that the only course of action left for him was to attend Fat Camp.

So let's look in on SID's progress, shall we?

Infomaniac has obtained EXCLUSIVE PHOTO RIGHTS to SID's slim-down.

See for yourself...

The new and improved slimmed-down SID

Congratulations, SID! Well done!


  1. Yay! First!

    Don't congratulate the cunt. He'll only end up eating cake to celebrate.

  2. remind me never to email you anything personal.

    I guess it would be bad to offer SID a Twinkie in congrats?

    Thought so.

    Right then,



    Second comment... by only a minute!

  3. In the future, when say "Do Not Click on This Link", I will follow your directions.

    I will have pendulous moobs nightmares for weeks.

  4. Leave him alone, he's tired out from playing his flute in kick the Pope bands.

    Orangefest is very tiring but good for those with sub cutaneous fat issues.

  5. He needs a Full Body BOTOX .. but at least he's still smiling.

  6. SID's ready to resume working kiddie birthday parties!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ....Oh, shit!
    why,why,why,why,did i click the link???

    SID is rather hirsute isn't he?

  9. Come on - a cut here and there and he goes for new.

  10. Now he'll have to go do a Brigitte Nielsen.

    That may even make him a bit of money. Reality TV will never be the same again.

  11. I didn't need to click the link - Those horrific moobs are permanently etched into my retinas, damn you!

  12. Oh were you just there IDV?

    Didn't see you.

    I have learned from previous mistakes NEVER to click on the links.

    My retinas are fiiiiine. Bwahahahah

  13. Wow well done SID . I assume after a few nips and tucks we will all be getting Sid skin luggage sets for xmas

  14. luggage hell, we'll be getting 4 man TENTS.

  15. PIGGY: I’ve smeared my inner thighs with cake to see if he’ll take the bait.

    BOXER: Send the Twinkie to Smunty instead.

    Smunty loves Twinkies.

    CSI: Ha! Another victim of the Mooby Trap.

    GARFY: Playing his flute?

    More like a piccolo.

    KAZ: Sadly, his smile is a frown, turned upside down.

    XL: Ready to resume working kiddie birthday parties?

    Perhaps NOT!

    I wouldn’t want him to get his magic wand broken.

  16. KOOKABURRA: Mooby trap!

    I’ll give SID a good back, sack and crack wax later.

    MAGO: SID going for new?

    No, I’m afraid SID will always be used goods.

    CYBERPOOF & IVD: *laffs as CyberPoof and IVD collide in an STC crash caused by SID’s massive man mammaries*

    BEAST: I’ve already had a HUGE suitcase built from the skin off his arse.

    NATIONS: Plans are underway as we speak to have SID’s thigh fat fashioned into a giant tent city.

  17. MJ darling, did the shopkeeper look at you strangely for buying such a huge amount of cake?

    How long did it take you to fill in all the thigh pits?

  18. PIGGY: Twas a cupcake.

    Shut up. You're next.

  19. Not a Battenburg? That would've sweetened the stench a little.

    Only if he'd forgotten his peg though.

  20. PIGGY: Did you see Frobi's rattenburg cake?

  21. uhmmm ... I'm no expert in photoshop ... but it appears that you went ahead and chopped off his head anyway!

  22. JOE: Well spotted.

    I always get my way with him.