Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Summer Hols Pics

Here’s another scene from my summer vacation…

Sing along with Nat King Cole

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
You'll wish that summer could always be here


  1. Love the orange hat ... as a lampshade in my grandma's home.

    So that's what they do at nudist places? Wear horrid hats and play chess?

  2. Dude, I am totally checking out your mate!

  3. Why do nudists wear beads?

  4. Given that I'm now beneath Maidy - what can I say??

    She hot. MJ hot.

    That's why I visit this blog.

    Maidy. Yummmmy. For reals.

  5. Sunday peace in infomaniac land.

  6. i love nat...and adore you!

  7. Someone should tell that chick a skunk has attached itself to her head.

    Either that or it is some grey haired dude's merkin.

  8. This looks like a scene from The Prisoner that didn't make the final cut. I'm glad it didn't make the final cut.

  9. Was this before or after the badminton?

  10. Frobisher - The fox on the left? I think his name is Andrew, mate.

  11. MAIDY: NWT wants to take you to a nudist resort to personally research your questions.

    BOXER: Who doesn’t like balloons?

    Sucking on the Helium was the only cheap high available to them.

    DONN: I’m waiting for the “Bad Bishop” to make an appearance.

    KAZ: Nudists wear beads to take the focus away from their dangly bits.

    Stop looking at their tits!

    NWT: How much did you have to drink last night?

    MAGO: Or Sunday “piece”.

    DAISY: You’re rather “unforgettable” yourself.

    T-BIRD: Probably a merkin from one of the old fellas in a previous photo.

    BETTY: I guess they won’t “be seeing you” for this lost episode.

    FROBI: He wants your phone number.

    GEOFF: I’d have to examine the state of their shuttlecocks to tell you.

    ISTVANSKI: It’s not as if you can check his pockets for ID.

  12. they look like they would know a lot about checkmates!!

  13. Do you think Guy On The Right put his head there on purpose when he realised a photo was being taken?
    Or has he just got a really long tongue?

    Eww. I've disgusted myself, now!

  14. they all seem to be hoping the attention seeking bitch with the stupid grey wig , floppy tits and the balloon would go away . I bet she's french

  15. KOOKABURRA: Chess “buff”…har!

    IVD: Look closer and you'll see that his hand is in front of his mouth.

    So he’s throwing up into his hand.

    This confirms that he’s gay.

    DAISY: tee hee.

    BEAST: La Française says the balloon is too small for her big bottom.

    She wants to know when "La Bete" will stop by so she can use him as her personal Space Hopper.

  16. Old king cole was a merry old soul........... that means ghey.

  17. I take it that this group is awaiting their turn at volleyball to show off their jiggly bits?

  18. I hope no one sits on a chess piece...

    seriously what is wrong with these people? They all look freaky!

  19. Actually xl, I think they are waiting for the shuttle cock court to be free.

    *baddum tish!*

    Yes folks, I'll be here all week.

  20. KNUDSEN: Was he calling for fiddlers three or diddlers three?

    XL: See T-Bird’s comment.

    MUTLEY: A smothered mate!

    T-BIRD: You’re here all week?

    I’ve got front row tickets!

  21. I see the pervs in the pic have shades on to check out the newbie!

    Is the towel used to collect any resulting fluids?

  22. I want that hairdo on the chick holding the balloon (or blue condom?)! So chic!

  23. EROS: The towel is IVD's "spankerchief" as you call it.

    RANDOM: The do is you!

  24. I was wonder why my chess board smelled funny everytime my parents took it camping.

  25. Awesome, MJ! It gets a little wet in the front row though...

    ... that was supposed to be dirty, but honetstly it's mostly from my spitting. I'm like an alpaca.