Friday, July 11, 2008

Filthy Friday – Summer Hols Edition


  1. oh... you know you want to be me... being first that is... ive got some ketchup to do, so i'll be back later...

  2. Why am I looking at a mans head buried in the sand next to a skull?

  3. not so filthy that is

    it's more bizarre

  4. VOICES: Good to have you back!

    I'm looking forward to a Zack Attack!

    CYBERPOOF: You poor wee naive poofter.

    You must imagine what could happen next in order to maximize the filthiness level of this posting.

  5. Perhaps the skull will feature somehow, though I'm not sure...

  6. That boy should be a bit more polite lest he ends up ignored and unable to escape from the sand like his friend behind him.

  7. Looks like more fun than beach volleyball! But I'd be worried about her losing her balance.

  8. not so much *sand*, more grit ... poor love looks a little confused as to what to do next.

    It's Rick James, b*tch!!!
    Run, you stupid B*tch!!!! Run before he eats you!!!!

  10. my mom always said not to stick your tongue out at others...nasty little man he is...

  11. Poor fellah just wants an ice cream.

  12. Is this at an S&M resort? Just wondering since she has on black jackboots.

  13. BILLY: See IVD’s comment.

    IVD: Sand trap!

    She’ll need to keep an open stance to get him out.

    GORDIE: This isn’t Cirque du Soleil we’re talking about.

    I’m sure she’ll be fine.

    BITTERSWEET: You could teach her a thing or two.

    EROS: Super Freak! Super Freak!

    FROBI: I was just trying to mark my territory.

    Like the way German tourists do when they try to reserve the best beach chairs by draping them with their towels.

    DAISY: Your mother is the arbiter of excruciatingly correct behavior.

    Miss Manners would be proud.

    GARFY: That or fried clams.

    XL: Have you never been to S&M summer camp?

    Your counselor awaits you.

  14. G'day :)

    I enjoyed reading your Posts on Canada Day and Planet Oz. You did a great job on the Planet Oz post which is mostly accurate. I was homesick and I'm here already!

    I particularly liked the the names of your Canadian Towns ... and Pamela Anderson; the beaver and the moose.... and the bikini girl.

    Enjoy your Summer Vacation (Summer Hols)


  15. Finally a proof for the namibian sex-tourism-crisis ...

  16. KOOKABURRA: Thank you!

    Do you own a cork hat?

    Have you ever done a Tim Tam Slam?

    I have so many questions for you.

    MAGO: Perhaps she’s a detective trying to “delve deeper” into the scandal.

  17. Poor guy, doesn't look like she's got a bottle of water for him.

    He must be thirsty.

  18. CYBERPOOF: I see you have a cocktail in your hand, as usual.

    Give him a sip of your fruity goodness.

    DIVA: There’s no pleasing you, is there?

  19. *gives the guy a taste of his fruity goodness*

  20. i suddenly have a yearning for smoked mackerel pate

  21. CYBERPOOF: Don’t forget the tiny cocktail umbrella.

    BEAST: Bend over and I’ll smack your bare bottom with a mackerel.

    DONNNNN: Mark Sitz.

  22. Where do you want me to put that?

  23. Another case for Prunella Glick who always gets her lick.

  24. CYBERPOOF: You’re a big boy.

    You can figure that out for yourself.

    MAGO: Any relation to Jiminy Glick?

  25. Of course this guy's tongue is dry. He's buried in the desert.

    Any drink is better than no drink at all.

  26. actually MJ my mother is a cunt but that is a different story altogether...

  27. Hm, I do not believe. Actually I did not know about that man before - who on earth is named "Jiminey"? He seems to be a relative of Dame Edna. Is that the John Waters of Pink Flamingo fame? Aw, divine I say. That fat bloke left the earth 20 years ago, time flies.

  28. love the skull.......hehehehe

  29. ISTVANSKI: Luckily I carry a hip flask.

    DAISY: Uh oh.

    I’ve accidentally hit the dysfunctional button!

    MAGO: More about Jiminy Glick, as played by Canadian comedian Martin Short, here.

    I’m a big John Waters fan and yes, that's him.

    Divine was divine.

    MANUEL: The skull could be fashioned into a drinking vessel like Lord Byron’s skull cup.

  30. This skull must be a leftover from that Danish prince ...

    "Start not - nor deem my spirit fled
    In me behold the only skull,
    From which unlike a living head,
    Whatever flows is never dull.

    "I lived, I loved, I quaffed like thee
    I died ; let earth my bones resign
    Fill up - thou canst not injure me;
    The worm has fouler lips than thine.

    "Better to hold the sparkling grape,
    Than nurse the earth - worm's slimy brood
    And circle in the goblet's shape
    The drink of Gods, than reptile's food.

    "Where once my wit, perchance, hath shone,
    In aid of others let me shine;
    And when, alas ! our brains are gone,
    What nobler substitute than wine?"

    Yeah! When the worm finally has eaten out the grey mesh pour in the good one! I'll have the Riesling please ...

  31. MAGO: Hey! I thought you were busy trullering.

  32. 63mago who had just a last look7:55 PM, July 11, 2008

    As professional trullerer I can multitask ... but now I am exhausted, weekend-afternoons seem to be a good trullering time.

  33. So that's where CP left his skull! Did CP bury that fella for wearing the wrong shoes?

  34. i like to think of it as functionally dysfunctional thank you very much!

  35. MAGO: Go and truller to your heart’s content.

    EROS: Don’t show CyberPoof your shoes or this could be your fate.

    I can hear him gasp in horror on days I wear flats.

    DAISY: *calls off intervention with Dr. Phil*