Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IVD’s Favourite Post

It’s time for another installment of Your Favourite Post.

Today’s submission comes to us from Inexplicable DeVice (IVD) in Norwich, Norfolk, England.

It’s entitled, “On the third stroke, it will be two minutes ago, precisely *beep beep beep*”

To view IVD’s fave post, CLICK HERE.

Note: If you find yourself puzzled by IVD’s posting, keep in mind that he has multiple personalities.

IVD exhibits one of his many colourful personalities


  1. That picture of IDV totally made my day. He should put out a calendar!

  2. a marvellous tale of Norfolk witchery . I hope IVD doesnt trawl the docks in that get up....he may catch a chill

  3. I wish one one of my persnalities had such nice legs.

  4. DINAH: Greetings, coven member.

    That pic is courtesy of Piggy, who I'm sure has a drawer full at home.

    BEAST: He's known down at the docks as "The Catch of the Day".

    BOXER: Those legs have been filled out with the wonder that is Photoshop.

    In real life, his legs are bandy and he's bowlegged from all the action down at the docks.

  5. Yay! It's my turn!

    Thank you, MJ. But why is there a picture of Postman Pat, Sharon from Eastenders and Tickers at the top?

    * adjusts suspenders and totters out on high heels *

  6. IVD: Postman Pat is there to represent the "post" part of "Your Favourite POST"...geddit?

    And Sharon is there because she's dressed as a big fairy. Am I making myself clear?

    And she's holding a wand. Unlike your warty wand though, it's nice and sparkly.

    And the Tickers-esque drag queen is there because I understand you were chatting some old drag queen up when Piggy and Tazzy visited you.

  7. Vintage posts!! I loves them!

    Hmm. We must here more about IDV chatting up drag queens.

  8. hear. I meant to say 'hear'. Not 'here'. GAH!

  9. Well, I certainly didn't know one of IDV's personalities was a private dancer! How talented!

  10. T-BIRD: Ah, another member of The Coven arrives.

    I don't know if it was chatting up so much as asking for makeup tips and asking where she buys her shoes.

    EROS: Dutchmarks or dollars
    American Express will do nicely, thank you
    Would you like to see him do the shimmy again?

  11. IDV, that was cool! i liked the way you expressed waking up, too. (one of many reasons i divorced my first husband was for waking up exactly like that. only....more.) you also have great legs. click those heels together three times and tell MJ to make like breakfast and flake off!

  12. NATIONS: FIRST husband? How many have you had? Are you keeping score?

    Who's next?

    (Note to male Infomaniac readers: Run from her NOW!)

    Did Husband Number One do a runner to escape your Meatloaf of Death?

  13. Thanks for the note about the multiple personalities. The post made much more sense knowing that fact.

    Is that you MJ is the lime Christmas outfit or are you the weenie in the middle? I'm pretty sure IVD is Glenda the Good Witch on the right, am I right?

  14. Fabulous post - by IDV.

    I remember this post quite well, which is a bit scary considering it is from 2006

    The drag queen scares me. It's definately not the Chiquita woman that's for sure.

  15. RANDOM: I'm glad it made sense to SOMEBODY.

    None of us can really be certain what he's on about most of the time.

    Just smile and nod at him is my best advice.

    CYBERPOOF: I'm surprised you can remember it considering all the mimosas you've imbibed since 2006.

  16. I know, and my memory is pretty dodgy at best. Which is why it worries me.

    Maybe it's the hair thing. I have the same problem every morning

  17. What is a bit worying is IVD's neck is thicker than his thigh

  18. CYBERPOOF: I'd like to put in a request that you post about your many and varied hair styles.

    Is there a certain look that you're after?

    What's all the rage in Danish hair styles these days?

    BEAST: Yes, it appears that IVD's neck IS thicker than his thigh.

    Perhaps there's a cock lodged in it.

  19. fun post!!! and have the same multiclock issues at our house... cheese sets them all ahead so she can get out of the house at the same time!!!

  20. Good idea! I'll have to look into that.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. VOICES: I misread that as "multiCOCK"!

    What kind of swingin' household are you running?

    CYBERPOOF: Hop to it!

  22. I would just like to say, I hadn't even noticed the drag queen. It was Piggy who pointed him/her out and then proceeded to harp on about him/her for almost the entire time we weren't enjoying our coffees (they were horrible - Not going there again).

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments about not-my-legs!

  23. oh lord IVD is really Heather Mills-McCartney......them legs are detachable

  24. Maybe sometime soon, I've already done one new post and planned another.

    The shoes are quite snazzy as is the pose.

  25. Multiple personalities make everything so interesting!

  26. IVD: By "they were horrible" are you referring to Piggy and Tazzy?

    In real life you have the legs of a tranny.

    This is the only pic we have of you where you're not flat on your back with your legs in the air.

    BEAST: With those detachable legs, it's a wonder IVD hasn't found a rich husband by now.

    CYBERPOOF: Snazzy shoes?

    I'd expect no less from you.

    CATSCRATCH: We're rather fond of IVD despite the wildly unpredictable mood swings.

  27. it is a hippie haven down here.....

  28. Hmm. About the MPD. I think I have finally got a handle on it in this past year.

    He usually colour codes things so you figure out it's another part of his subsconscious talking...

    Can I haz detachable legs too?

  29. VOICES: I just caught a whiff of your patchouli oil.

    You bathe in it,don't you?

    T-BIRD: Is THAT what the colour coding is all about?

    The voices tell him which colours to use.

  30. OMG !!! OY! ello this is LORD-IVD from the states..DUDE!..We just went over some of your blog and figured out how to reply to yous. Seems your blog has taken over my Google position (thas right your post pops up instead of my old and dusty one ,meant to be a way for my Allies to find me lol ).
    This is Kinda funny and buggered at the same time. WE have much more in common than I like to admit,and in fact ANYONE who knows Self as IVD will think we are the same ...hell Im kinda wondering about it myself please contact me.

  31. LORD IVD: I can't find contact info for you.

    If you still want to get in touch, email me.

    My email address is in my Blogger Profile.

  32. Er..since self can't tell who to reply to proper like you may contact Self @ lordivd@gmail.com..an that go'es for anyone else out there looking for Self.