Friday, July 18, 2008

Filthy Friday

(click to biggify)


  1. OH MY GAWD!!!

    I don't know what's worse: the sofa, the painting, or the tooth decay on that old man!

    Poor taste! Poor vision! and Poor oral hygiene!

    I'd ask his partner about about his own oral hygiene but his mouth is a little full at this time!

  2. If you've ever wondered if you've gone too far,

    today would be the day.

    Well done! Filthy Friday!

    Second! Woo hoo.

  3. Whoppeeeeeeeeee its filthy Friday.
    and thats just the sofa , dont get me started on the two old farts

  4. At least there seems to be something good on the telly.

  5. EROS: Tooth decay?

    Must be Brits with all their humbug sucking.

    BOXER: I’ve gone too far?

    *impersonates Karen Carpenter warbling “We’ve Only Just Begun”*

    BEAST: I could say something about your fireside rug IF I were the type to make bitchy remarks about your home décor.

    KAZ: He’s watching the first gay kiss on Corrie.

    I told you we’re ages behind in episodes here.

  6. WTF?! I am so with's all horrible! And damn man, old dude doesn't even have a true hard on...all limp dick! WOW! At least give it the ol' college try...Suck grandpa..come on!

  7. ROBYN: You’d make a good cheerleader.

    Here. Try on this outfit for us.

  8. ::calls out to houseboy:: Is my bleach eyebath ready yet?

  9. It's a kind of "joy of the monstrosity" that makes me come here on Friday ("Freude am Ungeheuerlichen", am Frevel). And you are ready to deliver. Thank you.

  10. That's a Mickey Rooney lookalike if ever I've seen one.

    What would Judy Garland have thunk?

  11. The thing I LOVE about this pic is.. not only can you embiggen with a click.. it is SCRATCH AND SNIFF as well!!

    clever girl MJ.

  12. I'm so glad I didn't stay up for that!

    Bingowings is spot on!

    I think the worst thing in that photo is the sofa though. It's just screaming at me.

    Actually my parents had a sofa for their guest room that looked a little bit like it. It's a wonder I turned out as well as I did.

  13. biggify? why????

    they look so enraptured NOT. It is his resting hands that really disturbed me *shudder*

  14. IVD: Houseboy my arse.

    More likely Mummy is there for the weekend.

    ISTVANSKI: Will you not biggify on the grounds that you don’t want a close-up of old men having it on?

    Or on the grounds of my mangling the English language with the word “biggify”?

    MAGO: I’m attempting a translation.

    Happy to lick WHAT?

    GARFY: Let’s put on a show!

    KIMBA: Smells like geezer spirit.

    CYBERPETE: Your parents sent me this photo, actually.

    It’s your granddad and one of his mates, so they said.

    MANUEL: Why, you ask?

    I’ll tell you why.

    Because not enough of you fellas (you excluded, of course) are sending me photos of your bare arses.

    That ISTVANSKI fella, for example.

    BITCHES: A reminder that new Infomaniac readers (male) must send me a photo of their bare bottom!

    BITTERSWEET: I’m disturbed that he may be wearing these on his feet.

  15. My first, unsuspecting, visit to Filthy Friday. But why "filthy"? They look washed and pink to me.

  16. LEAH: Because they're sitting on the sofa without their pants on!

    Didn't your mother ever tell you to place a towel on the sofa if you're going to sit there nekkid?

  17. Wow that's amazing because my grandads died in 1962 and 1989 and they didn't get that sofa until around 1992

  18. Oh, GodDamn. Now I have to clean vomit off my monitor.

  19. CYBERPOOF: So your parents lied to me.

    Just the way they lied to you about how you were planned.

    HEFF: It's not my fault you can't hold your liquor.

  20. I know I wasn't planned. Why would they want ANOTHER kid when they had two already, and it makes more sense the way they act towards me.

  21. The design of the settee hides all the skids........... an old fucker trick.

  22. What are you doing still up Old Knudsen, isn't it way past your bedtime?

  23. CYBERPOOF: I think you were hatched.

    KNUDSEN: If you treat the sofa with Scotchgard™, will it protect it against Scots?

  24. I hope I was, it would be less disturbing than the alternative.

  25. i KNEW i shouldn't look in today...happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts...go look at the ford models talk about how to deal with curly hair... xoxoxox

    *yes, i'm killing time until the plane lands*

  26. thats so fucking gnarly..... now i cant even finish my lunch.... one of the more filthy of your fridays...

  27. I know voices , pink florals are enough to turn anyones stomach

  28. Was this photo taken at a senior center?

  29. One more thing, I just can't (and never will) get used to seeing a man with a cock in his mouth.

  30. CYBERPOOF: What? You mean your parents having sex?

    Yeah, you’re right.

    CATSCRATCH: You don’t appreciate all the work I put into this blog, do you?

    SAVANNAH: Try not to think of this image in bed tonight.

    VOICES: Gimme that sandwich. I haven’t had my dinner.

    BEAST: I’ve seen worse fireside rugs. I repeat. I’ve seen worse fireside rugs.

    RICH: This photo was taken at the Salty Old Seaman’s Home in the Soren Knudsen Wing.

    If I haven’t managed to acclimatize you to cock in a man’s mouth yet, I’ve failed.

  31. Is the fatter of the two a dreaded head pusher?

  32. T-BIRD: He most certainly is and it's time someone like you took a stand against it!

  33. PISSOFF: True. They need to hire a decorator and soon.

  34. PS, Rich. If you don't like men with cocks in their mouths, why are you here?

    All of Infomaniac's friends are at least a little bit ghey.

  35. KAPI: Finally, someone who appreciates a good blowjob.

    I can’t speak for Rich but I’m sure he’ll come to appreciate a bit of cock in time.

    We must be gentle with him.

  36. If you need me I'll be curled up in a corner weeping gently.

  37. FUCKKIT: Don't despair.

    Titties tomorrow.

  38. Head pushing MUST STOP!!!!

    It's downright rude, it is.

    He needs to be cuffed.

  39. My work computer blew up....ewwwwwww