Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Perv of the Day

Welcome to another edition of Perv of the Day.

Infomaniac will, from time to time, seek out the perviest perverts and parade them pantless in front of you, the judge and jury.

THE PERV: Gary Cleary, 34.

THE PLACE: Orford, Warrington, Cheshire, England.

THE PERVERSION: Cleary, aroused by the sound of women urinating, was ejected from the Lord Rodney pub after going back and forth to the women’s toilets. He had been drinking heavily and had been listening to them urinate.

He was told to leave after a staff member found him. He then went into the Goldon Lion pub where he tried on a pair of heeled shoes.

THE PUNISHMENT: Released from custody with a strict warning from the judge.

Cleary has a string of convictions for indecent exposure and had been on remand for 118 days after appearing before Chester Magistrates for two further offences of exposure.

The judge explained, “You have got to stop behaving like this otherwise you are going to get into serious trouble. If you do this again or get into any worse trouble you will serve longer and longer orders. I hope this order will help you. Don’t do it again.”


  1. YEAH FIRST, IN YER FACES ALL YOU CUNTY BAWS! anyway nice pic, very talented. I wonder if he liked the farting too and does he wank off to spray hoses while watering the garden.

  2. And yeah still first, no one sniped me while I was writing me comment, what a bunch of losers hahahahahahahaha!

    I really need to get out more.

  3. And I picked up the bronze for third.

  4. yeah yeah yeah no yay for me, see fourth no probs.

  5. so does that mean im getting sloppy fifths?

  6. Shut up you filthy bastards.

  7. ooooooooo.... and perhaps sevenths as welll!!! i should have stuck with fifth. damn....

    *walks off drinking warm beer found outside, left over from last week*

  8. ahh feck, the stockinged one stole my seventh spot...

  9. Lucky 7, that's me.

    Now feck off.

    I'm shutting 'er down for the night.

  10. *lurks around back door at infomaniac complex, sees lights turn off and spraypaints back door with odd pictures or macadamia nuts having sex*

  11. For punishment they should hand him a mop to clean up after those three in the picture.

  12. Ok. Come clean, MJ. Is that photoshopped precision peeing up there?!

    It's sort of... mesmerising.

  13. That's relatively mildly perverted. I trust that you are starting at a 1 one and working your way up the scale.

    I bet he drank spritzers, like most pervs. You've gotta watch out for pissers on the Spritzers, mark my words.

  14. Pish ...

    You have the old Olympia Press edition? Is in itself a collector's item.

  15. T-Bird, MJ can't come clean - She's the one on the floor getting covered in piss!

  16. "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
    But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
    Cryin's not for me
    'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
    Because I'm free
    Nothin's worryin' me"

    Are those really women? The precision and accuracy of those shots are simply amazing! A new Olympic sport: Synchronized pissing!

    I suppose they were the Bellagio fountains of their day...

  17. VOICES: You get back in here, young man, and clean that up!

    I can't turn my back for an instant around you.

    JOE: You were a hall monitor or prefect in school, weren’t you?

    You’ll be very useful here handing out punishments in future “Perv of the Day” postings.

    T-BIRD: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under. I have not been Photoshopping pee pictures, posting them on my blog and then trying to mesmerize you. Three, two, one... You're back in the room.

    GARFY: The perv drinks KNUDSEN Spritzers.

    The name says it all, doesn’t it?

    MAGO: Start the bidding.

    IVD: Do you see stripey tights?

    No, you do not.

    EROS: Thank you, B.J. Thomas.

    Do you do Weird Al Yankovic too?...

    Oh, no!
    Got a girl with a really small bladder,
    knocking on a bathroom door.
    Busted in and she barely made it,
    she dribbled on the bathroom floor.
    She would not believe me,
    when I said: "Go before We leave"
    We had barely started drivin',
    when she told me she's got to Pee.

  18. I assumed you'd removed the tights so as not to get them wet?

    So if it's not you, who is it?

  19. IVD: Shut up, would you?

    I'm too busy to answer your questions as I have to read all your Norwich links so that I may come to know your so-called city.

  20. Hey - that Gary lives not far from here.
    He's only a bit of a perv isn't he? I mean he's not a 'hands on' sort of perv.

    He'd love Infomaniac.

  21. KAZ: He'll drop by here sooner or later.

    He'll want to try on my shoes.

  22. The photo brings to mind the Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke trick.

  23. Tsk Tsk , the things you girls get up to when your at home with a few friends , why cant you just watch football like the rest of us

  24. XL: Do you think the Mentos geyser would work with champagne?

    BEAST: But I DO watch the footy.

    It must have been a West Ham game that was on at the time.

    *smiles at Geoff*

    CYBERPOOF: I'll send him over to try on YOUR high heels too.

  25. Aren't there phone lines for this sort of thing?

    Go on, somebody. Give him a tinkle.

    By the way, I always go for three pisses when West Ham are on the telly. I usually don't miss much.

  26. yeah, i wouldnt turn my back on me either... you never know whats gonna happen...

    *looks around when noone is watching and unloads a toilet planter filled with cacti onto mjs fronsteps.complete with plastic pink flamingo duct-taped to the back and elvis seat cover, runs after ringing doorbell*

  27. As long as he doesn't start peeing on things.

    I don't want him engaging in anything like what you are doing in that photo.

    Although definately SNAPS for aim, it takes concentration and precision I'm sure.

  28. It's a very distinct noise, a hissing....

  29. GEOFF: You have the advantage as you can just whip it out of your trousers but us womenfolk take much longer.

    I've missed goals because of it.

    VOICES: You put that toilet planter back in NATION's yard, right this instant, you toilet planter thief!

    She put that cactus in there to keep Canadian ass out of it.

    CYBERPOOF: I really think we have more to fear from Inner Voices peeing in things.

    He's been known to pee in my plants during my absence.

    Don't leave your shoes unattended around him is all I'm saying.

    MATT: The sound of hissing while pissing...

    That's put me in a poetic mood.

  30. I got nothing. Except Old K was clearly drinking and blogging last night.

  31. I do not know why you are picking on my friend Gary, he is innocent - there is a website...

  32. BOXER: Even at his most inebriated, Old Knudsen is still more lucid than I am.

    MUTLEY: I suspect you are in cahoots with Gary.

    I saw your comment at Beast's about your leftover vaginal deodorant.


  33. *pics up toilet planter and loads into truck*

    so.... where is old knuder?

    *unloads giant inflatable gorrila, leaves on mjs roof. dashes off*

  34. Golden Showers, Mutha Fuckahs !!!

  35. The exemplar is in bad condition: Broken neck, stains, pages broken cracked and sticking together. Pencilmarks rubbertraces. A lube thingy ("Glitschi") included. You should not let this one lie in sunlight, no radiation, a new lifeform could come into being.
    When you vacuumseal the item and put it into a steelbox I might consider to have a look and put it for auction for you, somewhere, Asia maybe. Anonymity assured.

  36. VOICES: Old Knudsen had a busy day fighting Fenians.

    Where is he now?

    Shagging yer Ma.

    HEFF: When it rains, it pours.

    ANON: Pages sticking together?

    No surprise there.

    If this blog were made of paper, can you imagine the sticky mess?

  37. Oh! So it's a *real* picture!

  38. WTF? talented shits aren't they. Neat party trick...for the office parties.

  39. HEY!
    I saw them last night on 'America GOT Talent'....
    The Hoff loved them!

  40. You may not be surprised to learn that I have actually spent many an hour in both of those fine drinking establishments.....

  41. EDDIE: Did you sit near the ladies room?

  42. People get turned on by some werid crap....oh wait isnt that a fetish too?