Thursday, January 25, 2007

SID’s Marvelous Man Boobs

Today’s tantalizing tatas belong to none other than our Stupid Irish Daddy, SID.

It’s all I can do to restrain myself from licking the screen when I gaze upon that manly chest.

I’m feeling faint. I think I may have to lie down.

(insert dreamlike trance music here)

(Snaps fingers) Three, two, one... I’m back in the room.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Those are some pulchritudinous pectorals, SID!

Obviously the result of a disciplined exercise regime that involves lifting several thousand pints of Guinness to your lips.

Not to mention an all-starch, all-potato diet.

I gotta go. This is all too titillating for me.

Thanks, SID, for emailing this pic to me along with those other personal “artsy” photographs of you.


  1. Yay first.

    I thought they were Piggy's moobs.

  2. I was going to send you something but I cant compete with that..

  3. Convict: Yay! You've come to visit and you beat Piggy to first place.

    Do you have a pic of Piggy's moobs? Email it! He's holding out on me. Yet he sent me a pic of yours.

    Spikey: C'mon, send it. It's true that no one can compete with El SID but show us what Canuckleheads are made of.

  4. I'd be interested in seeing my moobs considering I don't remember him getting a copy of them.

  5. "I’m feeling faint. I think I may have to lie down" ...

    Funny, so do I. A bit queasy too. Do you know where the bathroom is around here?


    Sorry. Too late.

  6. Nah.... Im sure you will not lose any sleep over it.

  7. That really is quite vile. But not quite as vile as lifting up one of those greasy great Guinness-sodden mantats by the nipple ring, and then running your tongue along the festering,seeping folds underneath.
    SID, can't you get Guinness light? If not, just lay off the lard sandwiches

  8. Convict: I've emailed your moobs pic to everyone in our little group. They're laffing their arses off.

    Betty: Please clean up after yourself. I'm not your mother.

    Spikey: zzz.

    Steve: Running your tongue along the festering,seeping folds underneath? Sounds like you're speaking from experience.

  9. This morning, the Stupid Irish Daddy in Ireland handed the Canuck MJ Infomaniac a final post, stating that unless he heard from her by 11 O'clock GMT that she was prepared at once to withdraw her filth about a lovely SID from her blog a state of war would exist between them.
    I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received and that consequently this blogger is at war with Infomaniac.

  10. SID: G'won, then.

    Do your damndest.

    But be prepared to bend over and take it like the filthy Irish hooer that you are.

  11. Hmmmm now where do I begin?

    Oh yes...YOUR PICS!

  12. wow! sex AND violence!
    c'mon you two! grease up!
    shuck off!



    *all tingly now*

  13. *bites into SID's nipple ring and pulls hard with teeth*

    *bitch slaps him for good measure*

  14. If you and SID climb into a pool of jelly and start wrestling then I think Piggy (and possibly Steve) will empty his man pudding all over the place.

    Btw, no one has pics of my moobs ... I hope.

  15. Convict: Don't worry about it. I've forgotten all about your moobs now that I'm at war with that skank SID.

    *notes that the coward has backed off*

    Come and get it little Irish girlie man!

  16. My God, my monitor nearly burst into flames after this pic appeared on screen. That is one hot, hairy beast! My question is, what species is it exactly?

  17. Pru: What species is it?

    Cuntus hibernicus.

  18. I thought you said you never sleep?

  19. She doesn't sleep - her drunken stupor just makes it appear that way.

  20. Piggy: You realize I'm going to have to bitch slap YOU as well?

    SID: Speaking of drunken stupors, look who's back.

    Now off with your pants so I can give you a good walloping. The way you like it.

  21. *takes swig of whiskey and break from photoshopping MJs pic*

    MJ I'm just doing the pic I have of you now & there is a little mushroom tattoo on your enormous arse,which I can't quite remove.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

  22. Sweet Georgia Brown!!!!

    That pic almost made me yak up my dinner.

    *hands MJ a truncheon and extra hockey stick*

    *hands SID a potatoe and .... another potatoe*

    Go on now, you two. Let's see some real fur fly!

  23. And I don't mean fur from SIDs boobs.

  24. Spikey: I'm not retracting my claws 'til this is settled.

    SID: Just leave it in.

    It matches the mushroom tattoo you left on my forehead.

    Dirty, dirty fecker.

    Maidink: That filthy Irish tart has passed out on whiskey.

    He's out of it for the night.

    *sneaks under covers with potato gun*

  25. I'd be proud to have tits like that I've never leave the hoose.
    Knowing Norn Iron this war may go on some time.

  26. Y'all are too nasty.

    *gets warm feeling inside thinking of a potatoe covered with bacon amd cheese doused with whiskey*

    Those are actually quite tasty.

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Spikey: Pity. There's fur flying all over this blog.

    Knudsen: Still waiting for you to get yer tits out of yer blouse.

    You're right. This war could go on and on. I may not have been born on the Isle like that slut SID, but I've got as much Irish DNA as he does.

    Maybe SID and I should kiss and make up.

    Maidy: Listen to ‘Little Miss Butter Wouldn’t Melt in her Mouth’.

    Canadian bacon? That’s one hot potato.

  29. I think that after seeing that, I so need a drink. That is the only way to get this nastiness out of my mind.

    Now, post a pic of baby MJ....please!

  30. Awa: You can look forward to seein' my tits up there next.

    You'll need a double shot. No, make that a triple.

  31. oh damn, are illusive. Have you seen The Illusionist? Excellent film...about a turn of the century magician who falls in love with a duchess...based on a true story.

    I have concluded that you are just as much a mystery as that magician.

    Please, give me something to go on!!

  32. Awa: Read the following comment from me to Piggy.

    Piggy: Read what Awa just said above.

    If she only knew.

    *laffs and laffs and laffs*

    But yer still a cunt.

  33. OK, I am least give me a TEENY clue!!

  34. *laffs even more*

    See, MJ! - Remember what I said in that email? Who'd have thought confirmation would have arrived so soon, eh?

    *continues laughing*

    Oh the mystery and intrigue of it all is too much for us white poofs!

  35. Piggy: And we thought Awa was bright enough to see it for herself.

    *chokes on the laffter*

  36. MJ - No, no brightness there at all, it appears.

    Must be that dark shadow being cast by her arse, blocking any form of illumination.

  37. *kicks piggy*

    *sticks out tongue to mj*

  38. Hmmmmm...should I re-examine Piggy's latest post?

  39. Damn you, lemmings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could you!!!!?

    I missed that post, so not fair! I went to bed ya know!