Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Day I Forgot To Blog


  1. LMAO! Ok...not really sure why this is tickling my fancy...except I think it has something to do with the post down below it! OMG! Girly that post rocked and I have snorted that loud in a long time! That was a good and randy post! Good show MJ!
    Robyn *the snorting wonder*

  2. Take off your knit burka/glory hole mask and you'll see your keyboard better.

  3. too many baked good to fart on and so little time
    We understand

  4. I have a post cumming up called, "The day I forgot to wipe"

    maybe I should change it to week.

  5. There's no point pleading amnesia.

    If I don't get my money by 12 noon tomorrow the boys will be round to extract it with menaces.

    Think on.

  6. This happens to me alot. In fact whole weeks go by and I forget to blog.

    It's okay.

    P.S. I sent you a post card today as promised.

  7. Josua 10, 12-13

  8. Did you forget to 'Knitting blog' or just 'Normal naughty' blog?

  9. I forgot what I was going to say.

  10. and here i am ready to comment...slacker


  11. Geez, a post like this garners comments ? I've been putting in too much effort.

  12. Wonder how long mistress MJ is able to stick to the vow of silence ...

  13. still smells a bit like ass over here...

  14. wheres the old bag gone then ????

  15. her stockings must have finally cut off circulation to her lower body....

    (mj laying on floor says)
    ...can't... reach.... key... board, ive fallen and cant get up....

  16. Put down those knitting needles and start blogging

    On a more personal note, ding dong the folks are gone.

  17. There's something you can take for that.

  18. Robyn, the wool panties are itchy; thus, the tickling sensation on your fancy.

    Eros, *note to self, wait 1 hour after eating before viewing tomorrow's Filthy Friday posting*

    Beast, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

    Unique Stephen, welcome to Informaniac. Send Informaniac your credit card number for the purchase of Post It notes, so Informaniac can write down reminders.

    Old Knudsen, Informaniac will send you Post It notes to remind yourself to wipe, or we'll send you baby wipes--whatever's cheaper.

    Garfer, how about a trade? Some knitted goods perhaps? Surely you could use a penis warmer? How about some farts on your teacakes?

    Dora, will you be sending us postcards during your cruise? Please be sure to take pictures of the wildlife; particular attention to cameltoes will be appreciated.

    P&T, are you happy the weekends almost here or because the knit glory hole undies fit?

    Mago, John 14:18

    Kaz, the knit hood has caused a knot in Informaniac's cerebral blood supply; thus the forgetfulness.

    Geoff, are you wearing the knit hood, too? and the matching lipstick?

    XL, let Informaniac think about it.

    Savannah, Informaniac is exhausted from all the knitting lately; now is the time to place your order for authentic Informaniac knit knacks.

    Heff, it's not the size of the post but the impact of the words that count. Leave them wanting more, and they'll come back.

    Leah, thank goodness you remembered to leave a comment now.

    Mago, don't let the mistress hear you question her technique. She may smack you with her fish!

    Inner Voices, Old Knudsen was here earlier; now help me open up these windows.

    Beast, I'm going to remind you that Filthy Fridays is when saggy, old bags make an appearance, usually attached to old people having sex.

    Inner Voices, it's not the stockings but the bottle of Jameson circulating in her bloodstream that's caused Informaniac to pass out on the floor.

    CP, gone? It's not Friday yet? Is it? And to think the Informaniac knitting club was going to send your parents a pair of knit pink boob pillows to rest their heads on for the long journey home!

    Anonymous Boxer, Informaniac would rather take a bottle of Jameson instead.


    Shraddel ... greetings to James' son the old sucker

  20. Yay! Infomaniac has been usurped by a taut Texan!

  21. I'm hiding my cake right now. I know MJ is just waiting for the moment I turn my back...

  22. Please accept these labels for this post ... , , , , , , , , ,

    You're welcome.

  23. BITCHES: Coincidentally, the day I forgot to blog was also the day I forgot to comment.

    EROS: I wish to inform you that it's INFOmaniac, not INFORManiac.

    It's hard to get good help these days.

    Nonetheless, I'm keeping you on
    a)because your comments are a laff
    b)because, as IVD says, you are a "taut Texan" and look good nekkid.

    Thanks for filling in.

    Now learn how to spell Infomaniac.

  24. Yeah, and I forgot to visit! This is one of your better ones. Keep up the good work :)

  25. You remember when we all chose our fave posts of our own, well....