Sunday, July 06, 2008

Still on Vacation

Infomaniac is still on hols.

Regular posting will resume on Wednesday, July 9th.

See you then, bitches.


  1. Hey You!
    I thought that you were aweey from the 'puter?
    Awesome hat and rack-ette!

    You look tanned, high, and ready to frolic but apparently without a proper shuttlecock?

    btw I LOVED your Encyclopedia Canadianica.

  2. i prefer being called "cunt" at the moment...if you don't mind...

  3. Can't beat those Scandinavian naturist holidays. Nothing is better than seeing a sunburnt eighty year old German bloke grilling his sausage on a barbecue.

  4. DONN: Yes, I’m on vacation but I’m throwing a few crumbs your way nonetheless.

    The fact that you appreciate my Encyclopedia Canadianica makes you worthy of this pseudo post at least.

    That is most definitely NOT me in the photo as you know damned well I’m never without a shuttlecock.

    DAISY: It’s automatically assumed that you’re all a bunch of cunts.

    BETTY: In retrospect, I should have posted my pic of a sunburnt eighty year old German bloke grilling his sausage on a barbecue.

    It’s not too late I suppose.

    *jots reminder note in margin*

  5. mj...good then...i won't have to keep reminding you...:)

  6. I shall visit from the Costa on the 9th.

    You'll have time to get some 'uplift' for those pendulous bosoms.

  7. For that all round evenly tanned body ... remember to properly rotate and maybe even lift those boobies when sunning ... they cast quite the shadow.

  8. DAISY: You may have to remind me though of why I continue to cater to the entertainment whims of the bunch of you.

    KAZ AND JOE: May I remind you that is NOT me in the photograph?

    *whips Kaz with right tit and Joe with the left*

  9. because my is all a part of your diabolical scheme...remember?

    oh and we love you so...

    please note that I SAID THAT...fuck the rest of them...oh um...sorry about that crew...

  10. Tremendous hat! And of course these white-rimmed sunglasses that are on any "star's" face today.

  11. Still on the chaulk huh?

    chaulk chaulk chaulk chaulk !

  12. I see someone's been on that German's barbecue with his sausage for too long...

  13. The reds are a bit off, but what a terrific fashion statement and professional display of colour co-ordination.

    The sunglasses gotta go, though. And isn't that the Price is Right pose by Bob's Beauties you borrowed?

  14. You need a little more sunscreen.. AND thanks for the Post Card From A Broad.!

  15. Yay! It's not a gross naked man!

    Glad your holidays are still going well!

  16. c'mon now......this is taking the piss.........hehehehehe

  17. Sunscreen and a good waxing needed!!
    Is that one of those hairy thongs?
    Great abs though...must be working out. Have a great couple of days to relax and enjoy.

  18. DAISY: Beelzebub has a devil put aside for you.

    MAGO: You Can Leave Your Hat On.

    KNUDSEN: I can’t get enough chaulk.

    IVD: Yes, it’s a little overdone.

    He’ll have to go Greek tonight instead.

    WW: Who died and made YOU Mister Blackwell?

    BOXER: I hope you made good use of the scratch ‘n’ sniff zone on the postcard.

    BEAST: YOU’RE the one taking a week off to have a high colonic, not me.

    No doubt it’s a banana enema.

    T-BIRD: Plenty of gross naked men will be featured in the weeks to come.

    Just you wait and see.

    MANUEL: Me taking the piss?

    Don't talk bollix.

    MYTOES: That hairy thong is a merkin.

  19. Good to know you are still around, and haven't enjoyed your vacation enough to stay away.

  20. I think your bush needs a little trim. Don't forget sunscreen!

  21. Could you please put that thing on. You are scaring away the moose

  22. Or is plural of moose actually meese?


    Moosen? like ox - oxen and all that.

  23. Cyberpete, it's moxen.

  24. Someone please get MJ out of my backyard? her AND that large shrub shes standing behind?

    *stomps off muttering about people with their own country who need to stay there and be naked for their own stupid holidays dammit curse mutter bitch*

  25. JOE: I couldn’t go away and leave this blog to run itself.

    I did that in the past and you all ran rampant through here.

    RANDOM: Keep your weed whacker in your own back yard.

    CYBERPOOF: See moose comment by Random Chick.

    Why are there moxen in Norway, Sweden and Finland but not in Denmark?

    NATIONS: Notice that I stole your vintage barkcloth curtains.

    I’m gonna use them as a beach towel and lay my fine nekkid arse upon them, so ha, ha, and double ha!

  26. I like that. Moxen.

    Now don't scare them away MJ.

    Put that thing on or I'll let FN at you.

  27. ***Holds up wrinkled prune and compares to MJ's self proclaimed fine nekkid arse***
    Hmmmm seperated at birth

  28. Fucking nasty boil on your right tit.

  29. Isn't it simply "Moese"?

  30. I suppose it's okay for some to let the yard be a little unkempt while on vacation; esp. with your hands full--with hard grip on that rack and trying to maneuver that big ball on your right boob.

  31. CYBERPOOF: Nations is too busy trimming her bush to take notice of me.

    BEAST: *holds up two raisins and compares to Beast’s scrotum*

    Hmmmm separated at birth.

    VICUS: More of a carbuncle than a boil.

    I’m teaching it to recite Latin hexameters.

    What can YOUR lesions do?

    MAGO: Or Möse?

    T-BIRD: Merkins made of Moeses for the masses on their menses.

    EROS: I’m quite adept at juggling rackets and balls.

  32. MJ...devil? humf...i expect a band of demons when i arrive and they better have vodka flowing like water! i was promised!!!

  33. DAISY: Beast will be there, dressed in a devil's costume (a size too small) and poking you with his trident.

  34. She could start whacking away on yours too

    it certainly could do with a bit of that.

  35. I have better and firmer breasts than her... oh yes I do!! Nice hat though.. how is it in Canadian Jail MJ?

  36. still........i'm bored now.....

  37. MJ now that could be worth the trip :)

  38. CYBERPOOF: You could do with having your jaw wired shut so I don’t have to listen to you.

    MUTLEY: I’ve long admired your moobs.

    MANUEL: Oh keep your pants on.

    DAISY: I wouldn’t go THAT far.