Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Hols – Day 1

For the next few posts, Infomaniac presents scenes from my summer vacation.

Day 1: Weenie Roast…


  1. thank you for the lovely postcard...fuck just happens to be the word i am most talented at using in various did you know?
    kiss kiss

  2. Oh no I'm the first!! Love the flip flops. Hope she doesn't burn the belly on that pot. Wishes her old man 's weenie was long and curved!! Not much gurth.

  3. So you got stuffed with sausage on your vacation!

    I see from the first pic that you put on the beef skirts, ready to serve people your famous taco!

  4. is that a kid next to the BBQ?

    where the hell did you go?

  5. I too got yer postcard it went to Old Mrs Jessop by mistake, her son delivered it to me after she was taken to hospital with a heart attack.

  6. Yay - Hola from Spain.

    Has that one on the right got rubber nipples?

  7. Frazzled pubic hair has a unique smell, doesn't it?

    You obviously weren't holidaying in Britain, as those sausages would've been very damp and soggy.

  8. tsk tsk , the Beast is a stickler for food and hygiene laws . Those you ladies should be wearing air nets when preparing food

  9. Ahhh! The wonders of vintage sausage barbecues!

    I second the motion for hair nets.

  10. DAISY: How did I know that fuck just happens to be the word you are most talented at using in various ways?

    I’m fucking psychic, that's how.

    MYTOES: To give it worth, it needs more girth.

    EROS: Would you like sauce with your taco?

    BOXER: That WAS a kid.

    Made a lovely sausage link, he did.

    Not a lot of meat on him though but tasty nonetheless.

    KNUDSEN: Old Mrs. Jessop should stay away from the Ulster frys.

    KAZ: Hola?

    I see you’ve wasted no time learning Spanish.

    Rubber nipples?

    Please, Kaz. The correct term is “nipple enhancers”.

    BETTY: Are British sausages typically lacking in firmness?

    BEAST: I could use Ena Sharples’ hair net.

    The one that sold for £61 at auction.

    A bit pricey to replace if it gets a snag though.

    T-BIRD: Vintage sausage?

    So you're not knockin’ old knockwurst?

    Have you had Old Knudsen yet?

  11. How did you fit all your shoes in that camper van?

  12. GEOFF: I’ve a separate caravan for my shoes.

    MANUEL: Titter titter titter titter
    Do you read Infomaniac on the shitter?

  13. Titter titter titter I love titters so frak off.

  14. Can all women do the trick that the postcard lady is doing - Sucking in air through her front bottom and expelling it from the rear?

    That one must have innards made of asbestos, as that barbecue smoke must be very hot!

  15. KNUDSEN: Would you like some taters with your titters?

    Old Mrs. Jossop didn’t finish her Ulster fry before the heart attack so help yourself to what’s left on her plate.

    IVD: Please explain this odd, seemingly British term “front bottom”.

    Which part of the anatomy, exactly, is the “front bottom”?

    Is the front bottom only on women or do men have a front bottom too?

  16. i think i'll just fast for the rest of the week, sugar...thanks xoxox

  17. Was it black and white where you went on yer hols? I only ask as this has happened to me before....

  18. *tries to think of something nice to say for a change*



    The woman in the postcard has lovely shoes.

  19. please be careful when barbecuing outdoors. You don't want to start a bush fire!

  20. SAVANNAH: Go on then.

    Play fast, loose and lovely.

    MUTLEY: I was in Old Knudsen’s time travel machine.

    That little boy in the pic could be you!

    CYBERPETE: Barbecuing is no excuse to leave glamour behind.

    EMMA: I’m hoping there’s someone at the BBQ with a big hose.

  21. Absolutely true!

    The shoes should always be wicked.

  22. Well I havnt got a front bottom....maybe ivd has

  23. No, now see, that ain't clean. There needs to be a hairnet worn there. Who wants that next to their Hebrew Nationals? Come on!

    Tell me what Ms. Upskirt is trying to accomplish there? Wafting a little of that hickory-smoked flavor up her ishkabibble? Preparing to douse a flare-up? What?

    All I know is I now regret accepting your barbecue invitation and would someone pass me a Wet Wipe and a bologna sandwich please.

  24. Waiter, waiter, there's a pube on my Weenie! And I haven't even started shaving yet!

    I'll get my coat.

  25. I'm accepting pussy shots now. Check my site.

  26. Is that guy offering to spread some relish on those babes, or what?

  27. Nope - no vintage sausage for me. Not yet, thanks. I don't think I can handle what Knudsen's putting out there.

  28. CYBERPOOF: I must confess to wearing flats today.

    Only because of a painful shoe day yesterday.

    DIVA: Let’s hear it for the weenies!

    BEAST: Well I still don’t know what a front bottom is but I suspect IVD has one.

    NATIONS: I am wafting my special essence-infused weenies your way and you want boloney?

    You need to step out of your trailer park more often.

    GARFY: You haven’t started shaving yet?

    Are you entering second puberty?

    In other words, the nose and ear hair are growing faster than the pubes?

    MATT: You’ve already seen my pussy.

    XL: I think he’s keeping his distance lest his weenie end up on the grill.

    T-BIRD: Old Knudsen’s a natural hornivore.

    I quote, “In and out get the job done and wheres my tae?”

    You could do a lot worse.

  29. How come the guys in these old "sunshine" shots often lurk around in the background looking like Lee Harvey Oswald? Do they have something to hide? ;-)

  30. I certainly do not have a front bottom! An FB is only possessed by the female of the species. Otherwise known as her fanny (Brit, not American), vagina or queynte.

  31. BREAKERSLION: He’s trying to hide his candy so the ladies won’t throw another shrimp on the barbee.

    IVD: Thank you for clarifying.

    And that whole Brit versus American fanny thing must lead to some embarrassing situations.

    Do you have a false front bottom that you carry in your handbag?