Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mutley!

Infomaniac starts the New Year with a birthday bang for Mutley the Dog.

Mutley comes to us all the way from a bedsit in Brodpirt - "a town of many curious customs and contradictions and currently infested with radioactive howler monkeys."

As you know, Infomaniac requires male readers to submit photographs of their bare arses. No photo? No birthday posting.

Mutley has not disappointed me. Take a look for yourself…

Mutley’s arse

Good boy, Mutley, good boy!

For being so obedient, Mistress MJ rewards you with a very special birthday pressie. The lovely Bonita…

Everyone join me in wishing a happy birthday to our Mutley!

Reminder #1: Let me know your birthday (if you haven’t already) so that you too will receive a special Infomaniac birthday posting this year.

Reminder #2: Male readers MUST submit a photo of their bare arse (hello Beast and Manuel). Photos will be published on this blog unless you request discretion. Shy fellas may rest assured that I’ll keep them for my personal viewing only.


  1. As you already have a picture of my arse and have few, if any good things to say about me, what exactly would be in it for me. I demand special treatment. I know doctors and I know dentists all of whom I respect greatly. My birthday is sometime in June. maybe you could dedicate the whole month to me?

  2. WARING: I'll dedicate the entire month of June to you if you send me a full frontal nude pic of yourself...preferably standing in front of the Capitol Records Building...or the spot where Eddie Murphy got caught with the tranny...or where Hugh Grant got it on with the prossie.

    Is Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand still there? You'd look good standing naked in front of a giant weenie.

    And if you promise to update your blog on a regular basis.

    Do we have a deal?

  3. Happy birthday Mutley.

    Nice Tatas.

    Tata was my name for myself when I was wee. Worryingly prophetic.

  4. LADY MUCK: Welcome!

    Though we know each other through that dirty little witch IVD, I believe this is the first time you've visited here.

    Are you out on a day pass?

    RIMMER: Did you enjoy your night out with The Poofs?

    CYBERSLUT: Be sure to sprinkle fairy dust over Mutley.

  5. *sprinkles fairy dust and glitter over Mutley*


  6. I will wish the canine Mutley a very Happy Birthday.
    But - I must confess that the nude shot does nothing for me - I had always imagined Mutley as a skinny intellectual type.

  7. CYBERSLUT: Ooo it's so festive in here today!

    I think I got some on me.

    KAZ: Give his arse a playful squeeze and you may change your mind.

  8. Well if you stopped shagging Mutley you could have avoided it

  9. or were you referring to some white stuff that had nothing to do with my fairy dust or glitter?

  10. CYBERSLAG: I'll have you know that Mutley and I have not even so much as swapped leashes.

    And I was referring to your fairy dust/glitter.

  11. Hmmm you sure?

    I could have sworn

  12. mj:
    Well - I'll see how I feel after a few more vodkas - but don't hold your breath.

  13. CYBERFAIRY: Stop swearing.

    This is a family blog.

    KAZ: Oh go on. I'll take one cheek and you take the other.

    Looks like there's plenty to go around!

  14. Oh yes of course it is, sorry

    I must have mistaken you for that filthy canuck cunt who has filthy fridays and salacious saturdays


  15. MJ: I did, actually.

    Also, goaded by your nagging, I've posted a new post over where I typically post my posts.

  16. Well I didn't give you my birth date, so why did I have to suffer the embarrassment?



    Was it Carly?

    It's a fucking conspiracy!

  17. Happy Birthday, Mutley!

    As for Bonita, though I detect some man made enhancements, she wears them beautifully...such mesmerizing, eye catching nails ;)

  18. I don't remember giving you a pic of my arse.

  19. RIMMER: I'll be round to check it out late tonight.

    Piggy nagged as much as I did, I'll remind you.

    SMUNTY: It was back when it was Carly's birthday and I was congratulating her on Piggy's blog.

    You had a strop because I didn't inquire about your special day.

    BINGOWINGS: If you find the nails eyecatching, I'm sure CyberPoof could give you a French manicure.

    TICKERS: It was the same day you emailed me the full-frontal nekkid pic but that's in my private collection.

  20. happy birthday mr. the dog!

    *hides nails, looks around innocently*

    he has a fuzzy butt!
    *runs off giggling*

  21. Jesus! Your not joking eh.......maybe just maybe soon......maybe not as well.....who knows......procrastination.....

  22. I'm supposed to be working...figures I'd surf while working! Ok, just dropping through.

    Happy birthday Mutley!

  23. FN: I wonder if his butt acts like Velcro.

    Throw something at it and see if it sticks.

    MANUEL: I take your arse seriously.

    Now that the busy Christmas rush has passed, you should have time to scan and send.

    AWA: I'm supposed to be working too!