Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Snowing!

Anonymous Infomaniac readers enjoying a winter wonderland...

(click to enlarge)


  1. I saw a clip on the news about extreme ice skating last night.

    Was that why you were away?

  2. Blimey - You must have been well strapped up in that swing photograph.

  3. By 'eck, that lass at top's got some lungs on'er!

    BTW I have been getting the urge to chuck blogging in as well. Must be doing the rounds. Apparently Belfast Ellie has been thinking along the same lines as well.


  4. The bottom one's the British four-man bob.

  5. Actually, second from right in the bottom picture is former Liverpool FC goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar. I'm surprised Geoff didn't spot that!

  6. it's ice here today...would prefer the snow and if we get some...perhaps i will be sunning my puppies (while much smaller than your first pic) in the great outdoors...yes i have been known to in the past...quickest way to tan :)

  7. See now, that large chested woman was just walking along enjoying the snow when her bra gave out. Blame wonderbra i say.

    The cherub was just doing a favor.

    And the four gentlemen covering their chesticles will make it to many a gay mans screen saver... especially with that vegas head dress.

    all acts of kindness i say.

  8. So the first one must be Tatas

    The second is Piggy and the last one must be Piggy, Tazzy and friends

    It's amazing what you find out in the winter wonder land

  9. Number 2 could be SID, but I can't see him shoveling snow as that would be too much like hard work.

  10. CONNIE: Let me tell you a little secret about myself.

    Unlike every other Canuck, born with a wee pair of skates on, I cannot ice skate.

    I have to hold the rinkside boards to stay upright and even then I turn over on my ankles.

    I am an embarrassment to my nation.

    KAZ: I didn’t want to have my eyes blackened by them flying up and hitting me in the face.

    RONKNEE: Don’t you and Ellie make me get out my paddle.

    Take a holiday, if need be but don’t pull an MJ.

    GEOFF: Is chip pan racing a sport over there?

    BETTY: Nice to see he’s come out of retirement.

    DAISY: Fur isn’t the best sunscreen.

    Dogs must be protected from UV rays too, you know.

    XMICHRA: That pic won’t make it to the screensavers of any of Infomaniac’s gay men.

    They want cock!

    CYBERSLAG: Tatas’ tits make those knockers look like pimples.

    That can’t be Piggy as the arse isn’t droopy. Nor is the hair ginger.

    Is one of the “friends” you?

    GARFY: That and the fact that the arse isn’t big enough.

  11. Nah, I'm way too young to be part of that group - they are all well over 30

  12. CYBERTWINK: The cheek!

    I've noticed on your blog yet another Hoff tribute to me. You are too kind. No, really.

    SMUNTY: Shouting "mmmmmmmmammaries!" fools nobody.

    We know you want cock as much as the rest of them.

  13. Just stay tuned for tomorrows post dear as it's MJ Thursday at my place

  14. Is that you in the wings ???

  15. CYBERBUM: Whatever do you have in mind?

    I don't think I can take a hat trick Hoff.

    BEAST: You are getting on my one good last nerve.

    I have a kipper with your name on it.

    Bend over.

  16. Those are suprisingly spry boobs for how big there are in the top one. As for the rest, let's hope the gold gives them frost bite in all the right places so they can be removed from the gene pool.

  17. Don't worry dear

    It's... well it is what it is

  18. T-BIRD: If you look closely, you'll see they're wearing massive diapers so no chance of popsicle willies.

    CYBERSLUT: Oh you ARE a tease.

  19. OMG Those tits must produce extreme back pain....ouch!

  20. that first one just looks painful...

  21. Christ, those are some gargantuan norks!

    I think the bottom photo is Garfy, SID, Piggy, & Tazzy.

  22. MYTOES: Ahhh, how sweet.

    You're thinking of her comfort.

    DINAH: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Another visitor from IVD's Coven of Hags.

    You've jumped ship and come over here because he's not treating you right, isn't that so?

    PEEVISH: Which one of them is the seamstress for the group?

  23. singalong..

    Oh the pictures outside are frightful,
    but the people are so delightful.
    Let it snow
    let it snow
    let it snow.

  24. Try this.

    Place your hands either side of a chain link fence as if in prayer. Then slide both hands together across the fences surface.

    Surprisingly erotic.

  25. TICKERS: Hello Ticks.

    Have another round. It's on me.